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  1. I feed my fry baby brine shrimp, they go to town on them.
  2. I don’t know, my neon tetras i raised from fry. They come up and get hand fed. I’ve never had neon tetras act like that.
  3. My Cory’s grab the snail. Then after a while, they spit the shells out and Im left to clean up the snail shells.
  4. I have a bunch, but when they over populate I just put and algae wafer in for around 15 mins then take it out with all the snails.
  5. I have no idea how to treat it though.
  6. That looks like a fungal infection, it kinda looks like cotton wool disease. Here’s a photo
  7. Ok, thanks. Nitrate - 11 Nitrite - 0 ph - 7.5 kh - 80 gh - 180 I was thinking of getting some amano shrimp and a few more ghost shrimp. I just haven’t have time to clean my tank.
  8. I recently added some hornwort to my tank. It has been growing crazy, but a bunch of needles fall off. I have a decent population of Malaysian trumpet snails, but they don’t do a dent to the pile. My black racer nerite snail stays to the green spot algae. And my rams horn and bladder snails don’t help either. Any suggestions that are compatible with Corydoras and neon tetras?
  9. It does look like a fungal infection. I would try 25% water changes weakly. That would lower your nitrites and help a little with the fungal infection. It might also be an injury, it looks like you have artificial plants in your tank. Those sometimes scratch my fish. Also, what fish do you have in the tank?
  10. I don’t know, it may be your nitrites. Nitrites should be below 1ppm at all times or risk health issues.
  11. Those are ramshorn snail eggs, I have a colony of them and that’s what they look like.
  12. Ok, thanks for the help @macdaddy36.
  13. That’s very good @Matthew does stuff, my betta would eat all my shrimp and snails in the tank.
  14. It does also look like a male plakat betta. I’m not 100% sure, but just watch him/hers behavior.
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