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  1. is salt usable in a main aquarium with plants and unfortunately knaplex is illegal where i am.(no clue why)
  2. ok my lfs local PetSmart do not have any of those treatments
  3. ok ill see what i can do but also do you think that even if there was fish tb in my tank after according to this:https://www.bettafish.com/threads/is-this-neon-tetra-ok.776320/page-2 some person stats that a study showed that 10% of the 78% of fish with mycobacterium had fish tb and does this mean there is a dormant state right??
  4. also melafix and primafix
  5. all they really have is the kordon brands
  6. never mind as my local stores dont have any of that what is a treatment you wou;ld recomend just to make sure it is ntd
  7. i was thinking of treating with focus and kanaplex even though you said that might not be the best option but i think with lots of people saying it went away after using kanaplex i think i might try it as it also would help me know if they have ntd or not. and fish tb would kill fast right? if it was established and not in dormant state like in 50% of tanks?
  8. Ok i will risk it and I have read that fish tb is in like half of tanks but if the fish are gone and they are not spreading that much if it is fish tb i hope it will not hinder my fish
  9. Aww.. I was really hoping that I could treat for both things but should I just wait and maybe fore fish tb symptoms will come up?? Here is more pics of the fish I was away and didn't want him to rot so he went into a quarantine tub in the tank this is better pictures of razorback. Still think just ntd?? This may be weird but I really want to stay cautions and not have the tank be sterilized and then put fish in just to have it need to be taken down
  10. Oh and I will be gone so I can't respond to any of these at all but only for 2 days
  11. Also can a fish get ntd form feces?? My neon that I've had longer than the ntd culprits (I bought them all at once) has not eaten a dead one. But he may have consumed a fin of an infected one through nipping and he has bit on feces.
  12. These plants look like nitrogen deficient but there is at least 10 ppm on nitrates and there has been for at least three weeks to a month.
  13. Omg this is actually live changing do you know if it would kill fish tb??
  14. ok thx but if i were to sanitize would i have to get rid of plants and take the whole tank down or is there another way to do it the one i was talking about is worse laying on his side and i wont be home to medicate so i am probably going to euthanize
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