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  1. What I have is a 14 gallon frameless with many cherry shrimp in it. It is very well seasoned and I only have to do water changes about once every 3 months. It has a "lawn" of sußwassertang which is nice because it sucks up the nitrates and provides space for the young ones and surface area for biofilm. I'm looking to give the whole thing away. It will allow me to get down to just my 55 and 140 tanks. I will look into the local fish clubs. Thanks all, Peter L
  2. Hi - Located in southern New Hampshire, about an hour from Boston Peter L
  3. Hi All -- Is there a place on the forum to discuss giving away some of my fish? Is the general discussion the right area. I'm not looking to sell. Thanks, Peter L
  4. Thanks daggaz. The UPS supply may be a good idea especially if I buy a non-priming HOB filter. If I'm not having success with the Tidal filter I will definitely look into that. Usually the power outages are short, within an hour or 2 the power comes back on and the filter kicks back in. So many helpful messages from all of you -- thanks. I just started with this forum and I'm already very impressed. I have another question that I'll put in another thread as it is unrelated to this one. Peter L
  5. I have my goldfish Clyde moved into his new 140 gallon home, he's doing great. I have both Tidal 75s installed. These filters are doing fine now without the bypass issue. I will keep a close eye on them. Thanks everyone. Peter L
  6. I'll have to look for that bypassing. I hadn't been aware of it being an issue. I really feel safer with the self-priming filters as I live "up here in the sticks" of New Hampshire, and get power outages annoyingly frequently. Also, I was looking a prices on Amazon: Tidal 75 -- $68. Tidal 110 -- $69. Interesting, isn't it. Peter L
  7. Thanks Quikv6. I like Tidals as they are self priming. I do plan to put in sponge filters as well. Do you think a large airstone is a good idea too. I will consider going to the 110s especially when I add more pals for my goldfish. Not sure what you mean by "give the bypass a workout". Again thanks Peter L
  8. It's 5 foot long by 2 by 2 feet. I got it from Custom Aquariums as a clearance item. I plan to keep it modestly stocked and I'm using just two HOB Tidal 75s. I spent enough on the tank and didn't want to sink another 3K on one of their filter systems. My motto is KISS -- keep it simple stupid. Thanks All. PL
  9. Thanks, I'm lucky about the chlorine, I have a well! I will be on top of the parameters. Thanks all. Peter L
  10. Hi folks, I have new 140 gallon tank. I have lots of "used" filter media from my other tanks. I'm going to put that into the new tank. I have just my one fish going into it, an 8 inch long comet goldfish named Clyde. Any opinions, suggestions regarding cycling the tank? I am planning to get more fish but not until everything is completely stable. I would like to get Clyde into the new tank ASAP because his current tank is too small for him [55 gallon]. Thanks, Peter L
  11. Hi All - I have a 30 cm [1 foot] comet goldfish. He is just beautiful and I am crazy enough to move him from to new 500 L [140 gallon] tank that I bought just for him. Are these guys jumpers? I love the reflections from lights on an uncovered tank but the thought of finding a dead fish on the floor horrifies me. Thanks for any help/experiences. Peter L BTW - any suggestions for tank-makes?
  12. Thank you folks. The mosquito fish sound interesting. I'd love to see them evade Clyde the goldfish. I have to check them out, see if LFS sells them. Being 62 I'm not keen on wading around in ponds with a net. I'm not sure they live wild up her in New Hampshire anyway. It would be cool to keep them outdoors but I already have a pretty severe case of multiple tank syndrome and don't want to branch out into outdoor fish too. I guess I will go with more Comet goldfish. I understand that it is difficult to keep comet/common goldfish together with fancy GF as they are much quicker and hog the food. Max W -- thanks for info. Do you have this issue with your Comets and Fancies? Peter L
  13. Hello Folks, I'm new here, hoping for advice. I rescued Clyde from my office. Unfortunately Bonnie didn't make it. He's a Comet Goldfish. He was about 2 inches when I brought him home. He was in a 10 gallon tank and I moved him into a 55 gallon. Since then he's grown to about 8 inches. [About 2 years ago]. Using him as an excuse, I bought a 140 gallon tank. He looks lonely, doesn't he! I want to get him some pals but his mouth has become enormous and he really is a pig. I understand that they will eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Any suggestions for cooler water, big enough, and friendly with goldfish. I appreciate any help. Peter L
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