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  1. I thought my jungle Val and Val were not going to grow after 3-4 months and boom it took off. As you can see in the picture my jungle is taller than my tank now doing awesome. Runners are spreading like crazy now. Give it time and it will grow.
  2. Here’s my 75g with aquarium co-op plants and some fish. The Angels, glowlights, pleco and a couple others. Just noticed the angels pulling strands off the moss bridges yesterday. It’s funny watching them drag it around like a noodle.
  3. Loki is our 5yr old Lab and Wren is our 2yr old Great Pyrenees.
  4. We found a couple in ours the other day also. Looks like I don’t need to buy any now 👍🏻
  5. I’m Brian and I love fish, fishing, brewing and outdoor activities. Looking forward to this new forum! Here’s a picture of my 75g community tank.
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