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  1. If you skip an ammonia dose and let it sit at 0 for a day, does nitrite go down? I wonder if you just happen to be testing it just as the bacteria are nearing end of eating it up. A long shot probably, but weird cycling situation is weird 😄
  2. I don't really do "organization" 😄 Tucked behind something is as good as it gets.
  3. I've had 2 in a 9gal fluval flex for probably almost 6 months now... After reading the post linked below, I was convinced to move them up to a larger tank and get some friends. I just picked up 6 more, who are the first in the 20L, where they'll quarantine (and maybe grow out some) before I add the 2 I have. According to their stocking recommendations, at ~75L in 20gal, I could have 7.5 puffers, though I've rounded up to 8, in the interest of the last puffer 😄 One of the 2 in the 9 gal is definitely the dominant one, often chasing the other to cover. I think square footprint is not as conducive to line of sight obstruction as the 20L will be. In the 20L I saw all 6 shoaling together, moving single file through a hole in the driftwood. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen in an aquarium! There's definitely some light protection of some areas when I put in bbs, but when they're just on the prowl for snails or derping about, they seem to get along fine. Pea Puffer Care Sheet WWW.PUFFERFISHENTHUSIASTSWORLDWIDE.COM The pea puffer is by far the most commonly kept species of pufferfish, owing to their full grown size of just 2.5cm (0.98 inches). They are very popular among beginner keepers and demand for them has only continued to...
  4. "Pioneer" might be a bit of an overstatement 😆 finding balance has been a challenge. I've seen big water changes early on be suggested. I didn't do that and seem to be paying for it. Probably going to try a reset. Good luck though! Will be interesting to see how it turns out
  5. Awesome, good luck! My 29 was quickly overwhelmed by two litters from one impregnated female. Fry grew quick and were bombproof. Some people seem to have luck with guppies managing their own population, so if you're lucky this will be the case! it usually seems to require keeping the adults hungry, but I think among new people overfeeding is more common than underfeeding. That was most likely a factor for me, as I noticed little predation. I was used to feeding Oscars in my first stint, so that may not be as much of an issue with more experience 😄
  6. Welcome! It sure is! In December I returned to the hobby after a >10yr long hiatus. I'm already up to 4 tanks (29,10,9,5) setup, a tub outside, a 55, 10, 20L in planning and I just bid on two 75s! 😬 My warning on the guppies: for your first 10g, stick with a few males. They breed like crazy. A few males is a good way to get you into the routine of maintenance with a brand new tank without all of a sudden having 50 fry on your hands! Have you planted the 10 gal? What are your plans for the other tanks?! Good luck!
  7. Na, no easy green. Various colors are 50-70%, except blue which is 0, for about 10 hrs/day. It's Jungle Val. If there are varieties of that species, I have no idea which it is. I also previously bought "italian val" which didn't grow very tall, and according to some folks I've shown pictures it actually looks more like some sagittaria variety. So far batting 0/2 on val 😄 . Picture attached. The green is not as vibrant as the camera seems to be making it. Yea, that's why I was hoping this would make me feel better about my previous "val" not getting very tall. Also hoping I'm just delayed.
  8. My mentality is usually "better safe than sorry", especially when it's as easy as throwing plants in a different tank for a brief observation period. I don't do it for long (week or two) because I don't think fish pathogens would often survive long without a host, and even if they did you can't really look at plants for symptoms of fish diseases. You'd also get a sense of what hitchhikers you might get. I don't always worry about snails, but it's good to know what you're putting in your tank in either way.
  9. I got some jungle val in May. When it arrived the leaves looked a little sad, mostly pale w/ some browning. With no growth in the 29 after a few weeks I figured maybe pruning some of the sad leaves would stimulate newer, healthy growth, but left many of the leaves on as there were none that looked great and I didn't want to just cut it all off and kill the plant. Here we are nearly mid August with still no new growth. They're under a fluval 3.0 in a 29 gal. I dose easy green per the bottle, put root tabs under them, and until last weekend the tank was heavily stocked w/ guppies. I feel like lighting and nutrients should be sufficient to see at least some new growth, but there's been virtually none for almost 4 months. I was under the impression that these were plants that will grow under most conditions. Any advice is appreciated!
  10. I've noticed this too. And every irregular poop is "internal parasites", pay no mind that it's a pregnant female about to give birth! 😄
  11. I've read that guppy fry benefit from good lighting while developing. Without sufficient light spinal development issues are apparently more likely. I see you have plants, so it can't be that bad, but I think I saw something like 10hrs? Maybe 12?
  12. As Cory suggested it was something I haven't done yet and wanted to try a dirted tank, so I set one up to give it a whirl. When I have a hobby I need to try things. Whether it's the "best" or "right" way, it doesn't really matter. An exception in fishkeeping is I wouldn't experiment in a way where I'm knowingly compromising the health of the fish. Right now we're going through an algae phase. There are no fish yet, just some bladder snails, a couple neos and a amano in a 5 gal to try to get that initial algae bloom under control. Will probably put a betta in there in the end once I'm confident it has stabilized sufficiently. I read Walstad describe a tank where she put a 1.5" layer of gravel over a 1.5" layer of soil. I went for 1" of each as this was a 5 gal tank. I think I wound up a bit heavy on the capping, but I figure better safe than sorry to avoid a muddy mess. However, with a decent organic potting soil I don't see mud being a huge issue, as it's not usually a homogeneous hunk of fine dirt, but rather a bunch of different constituent ingredients to decompose over time to release nutrients.
  13. In my aquaclear I took out carbon and added a bag of lava rock as additional bio media I can easily move to a new tank. I used that in my fluval flex when I set it up, and put it where the carbon bag was so both tanks now have spare bio media if I need to put it in a new filter somewhere.
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