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  1. Got babies at about 8 weeks after moving them into the tank. Have some at about 3/8 inch that appear to have been kicked out of the parents shell. now more babies are showing up. all in a 33 long with about 35 shells. Started with 6 adults. How many can the tank hold? also will plant introduced snails eat the eggs if they locate them?
  2. My order arrived today. saw nothing obvious time will tell .
  3. If I see population issues will my venestus eat them?
  4. I have an order coming in from coop this week. what are the odds on hitchhikers ? plants going into a community tank with cherry barbs, other tank is a multi shellie tank. First time doing plants and using planter and fert's from there as well. thanks. ( also for previous advice on what plants.)
  5. Have six Multis in a 33 long, 12 tall . Planning an easy planter and root tabs due to the full sand substrate. use of plants is for visual and sight break. this is first plants in any tank for me> best plant to start with that I can order from coop?
  6. Can someone point me in the direction of how to diffuse the flow to not cause issues with a piston pump that functions with higher output then currently needed? Cory and group say the pump on coop is good for about 45 air lines. currently have about 10 and just going to do a loop and move forward, instead of changing later. thanks.
  7. I have 2 tens with double a double port pump each and a 75 with a double and a single port. A 33 long is cycling with two single port pumps. I also have a 55 in the wings- all in a 10' x 15' foot room in the basement in Michigan so heaters are necessary. Spending on larger once seems better.
  8. Can someone suggest a single source for air source in a fish room. Up to four tanks, have more ready, and thinking cost and electric supply options. Like to spend once not repeatedly. thanks al
  9. thanks. Had not found that forum a new resource is always good.
  10. I have a 20 tall and a thirty long. water is tap and is hard and ph range is on the high side (8-8.2) would like to do one of the shellie's and then apisto in the other. (currently have a (viking-kills everything) auratus who lives alone- and 4 venustus who are about 6 weeks. in other tanks) The question is about how many shellies in the 30 long to generate a duel colony one on each end, which shellie is best suited for this. Also in the 20 tall which apisto> knowing the ph might have to be worked on < has the most potential in this size tank. am continuing research, but as always there is conflicting ideas on line, experience speaks volumes. thanks
  11. I heard Cory say that matten filters are hard to get out and rinse without having a cloudy storm inside the tank. I was going to put one in and am doing planning. Is this the case, I'm sure it would pass quickly based on how they work. Experience's ??
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