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Found 24 results

  1. I guess it will officially be considered a fishroom after this is installed. I can't add anymore tanks until I upgraded to a central air system. This should do nicely for a while.
  2. As mentioned in the title, I was wondering if anyone knows how well air pumps(the aquatop for example) work in high humidity environments, up to high 80s and low 90s. I've got a greenhouse near one of my outdoor miniponds that has high humidity at night and drops to the mid 50s during the day. and temperatures ranging from 10 to 20(and possibly more) Fahrenheit above outside temps according to the time of day.
  3. Hi, so I recently figured out that I think my tanks needs an air stone (shrimp swimming awkwardly, being flipped in odd positions), but the tank is located in a room where the (already quite quiet) noise of the USB nano air pump, or the bubbling from the tank wouldn't be great, however could be lived with. Would connecting the pump to a WiFi timer have any downsides due to the daily cycles between powered on/off? Thank you!
  4. Fluval lists Aquarium Co-op as a dealer for their air pumps. I am unable to find it listed. Does anyone have experience with their new A series air pumps? Looks like a great product on Fluval's YouTube video.
  5. I was setting up a couple grow out tanks today. Because of where they are located I needed to mount my power strip, air pump, etc. on the wall. I came up with this quick and easy mount for isolating the air pump to limit how much vibration transfers to the wall. I had some adhesive hooks (not sure what brand) that pivot in the middle. After mounting to the wall I added a felt furniture pad under the hook to hold it out. This keeps the air pump close to the wall but out just far enough to prevent it from touching. The felt pad helps absorb vibrations that transfer to the hook. I'm not sure this would work with a larger air pump but for these smaller ones it does the trick. Pumps pictured are the Aquarium Co-op USB Nano and the Aquatop 20
  6. When I was a kid you weren’t a cool fish keeper until you owned one of these. What equipment do you remember fondly?
  7. on diaphragm air pump models that have two pumps and outlets (dual air outlets) such as a fluval q1, is it ok to run the two line out of the pump into one line up to a valve manifold or is that not recommended, and each pump should run to its own set of valves and tanks?
  8. I have a Tetra whisper 60 air pump and I am setting up a 29 g planted tank. Is that going to be too much flow for a medium Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter. I am going to use it with an airstone and the pump will be right underneath the tank, so less then 4 foot away.
  9. I LOVE how quiet the nano airpumps are and get good flow through my filters with them. That said, I've had two pumps from the coop that I've used less than 3 months die recently. The second one was just this morning and I'll need to replace it ASAP. Anyone else had this issue with longevity? The pumps aren't expensive, but if I'm replacing them every couple months, that sure adds up fast! The noise of other airpumps drives me NUTS, so if the nanos have longevity issues, what are your recommendations for one that might be more durable that either comes quiet or is easy to make quiet?
  10. The intake filter on my alita 25m air pump is full of dust. Couldn’t find any info online on best way to clean it. I just took it off last night because it was restricting airflow and I’m out of town got a few days.
  11. I know there are many, many questions about air pumps and noise. I'm less concerned about that than being able to maintain an air pump. I have a small Tetra Whisper and the air intake filter has gotten dirty. I was unable to find the little filters for it, and so e-mailed the company. They, unhelpfully, referred me to a diaphragm repair kit. So, I am curious does anyone know of a small air pump that is easy to maintain including getting new air filters for? Or are all the ones you can do routine maintenance on larger pumps? For my purposes, I only really need a small pump. All input and opinions welcome. Thanks everyone!
  12. I’m new. Running two aquariums 10 gal with sponge filter and 37 gal with sponge filter. Also have hanging filters that came with units running. Using a small air pump to run both sponge filters but not adequate for both. Also want to add another air run unit That won’t work right now. Would Aqua Air 100 work? thanks Mary
  13. Hi I just finished my fish rack/wall and I'm planning on using air filters it will hold 8 ten gallons and 3 twenty gallons and I will do one more just like this one by the end of spring or the beginning of summer. I'm going with the linear piston air pump they sell here,my question is why a loop is need it? I know I won't be expanding I have one wall and that is all I got , that see to be the reason everyone mention ,if I set just a line across the ceiling will there be a problem? Or how big does that loop needs to be? I don't want it to go around the whole room. Thanks in advance. Rey
  14. Where can I get the little felt air filters that go in pumps?????
  15. Has anyone ever used the Aquariumcoop linear air piston pump outside to aerate a pond? Tips?
  16. With the installation of a rather inexpensive device, you can use the flow of water from your garden hose or water barrel system to produce air bubbles in your outdoor ponds! The trompe device uses the force of flowing water from your garden hose to pull air from the atmosphere. The air separates from the water via displacement through a pipe which will be can be hosed to the bottom of your outdoor ponds. Run the sprinklers & water your garden & see the bubbles ensue! It’s like you are watering your aquatic plants with oxygen! I’ve not tried this myself, but I presume the same device could also be attached to a circulation pump! I think the water hammering of a hose being turned on & off might cause the air stones to bounce in place... pretty cool though, huh? I might try to install one this spring
  17. Hi all, Since I have been away from the hobby for a long time, I am playing catch up for a lot of the modern go to equipment. Back in the day, most people I knew ran their rooms on Luft pumps. You could run 3-4 tanks on one of them and they were absolute work horses. Are Luft pumps still a thing? If not, is there something comparable that would run multiple 10-20 gallon tanks on it's own? Thanks!
  18. Can someone suggest a single source for air source in a fish room. Up to four tanks, have more ready, and thinking cost and electric supply options. Like to spend once not repeatedly. thanks al
  19. I have a 55 gallon tank currently being filtered by a fine sponge filter powered by a powerhead. I am going to switch to air powered due to lower flow for fry. I have always used Whisper air pumps but willing to switch brands. The pump will power the sponge filter and an air stone. Looking for dependable quiet pump. What would you recommend?
  20. Hi all, I am starting a fish rack with 4 10 gallon tanks. I will be running 4 sponge filters but I'd prefer to run one air pump. Was looking at the ap50 or 100 but am unsure if there is enough pressure to run 4. Anyone have experience with this? Thank you in advance. Chris
  21. How do you spec an air pump? I just took advantage of Petco's dollar per gallon sale today and bought three more tanks, a 20L and two 10s. I plan to run sponge filters in these three new tanks and in a 10 I already have, but want to run them all on a single air pump. What size air pump would I need? Thanks!
  22. As the title says, I always had external Eheim filters in the past. But in the 20G I will be setting up I want to try the Ziss filters I bought a year back. Since its only 1 tank with 1 Ziss filter, what kind of air pump should I be getting? In terms of capacity? I will be adding a simple sponge filter as well to handle some of the bio load btw. Edit: this might sound like a dumb question from a noob that never had a tank, but where I come from filtering through air pumps is not common at all. All cartridge sponge filters and external canister filters. Cheers! Ruud
  23. I currently have 2 40 gallon breeders and a 20 gallon tank. I would like to use one pump to support them all. Can anyone suggest a pump and the size I need to be looking for? Thanks.
  24. Just finished my awesome central air system with a Linear Piston Air Pump from Medo. I did the loop system, and only have 7/15 tanks running right now with valves. Since it's a loop system, do I still need to put in a bleeder valve somewhere? Is a bleeder valve only needed for closed non loop systems? I'm a noob with this type of thing, so don't go too hard on me. If anyone has something similar going on, let me know! Thank you! Any help is appreciated.
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