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Found 4 results

  1. I have 2 20g longs each with a matten filter, running off a single Tetra 77850 (60g-100g rated version) via a 4 way valve. I keep having weird flow issues. I'll have them dialed in great, then the next morning, flow on one has greatly reduced, culprit being crappy flow coming from the no-clog air stone. So I loosen the airstone, flow great again, then maybe a few days later, same thing. Loosen the air stone more, play with the air valves, everything dialed in again. Then in a few days, similar issues, maybe from the same tank, maybe from the other. I just can't figure out why they don't stay dialed in. I'm guessing it has something to do with air following the path of least resistance so any difference in caused by different air hose lengths, adjustment of the airstone, depth of the water, etc will result in differences in pressure. I guess running multiple items off a single outlet is futile? It's maddening. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi!! Hopefully I can manage to avoid making this TOO much of a rehash of my about page- but, hi everyone, my name's Linebeck (they/he pronouns for me, thank youuu)! I'm located in south Texas, and I'm starting community college in the fall! I'm planning to get credits to transfer to TX State for their Aquatic Biology degree, and then I want to pursue certificates and a career in environmental health and safety. I've been in the hobby for about a year and a half at this point- I wasn't actually very interested in fishkeeping for a while, even after I started, I just saw the poor care my sister was giving to her betta, that didn't have a name yet (I named him Totodile) and refused to let it live a miserable life. He died recently, after the freeze, and so did the ember tetras collectively named Red Basculin. But on the bright side!!! Most of my neocaridina shrimp and all of my goldfish and white cloud mountain minnows survived! Which is a good segue into introducing them! I still haven't named the Shrimp Collective, but I recently moved them into the 10 gal from their fluval Ebi. This setup of plants is REALLY new, and has to grow in, still, because I made so many of the small bushy plants closer to the front (I do not remember what they are at All :'] ) from a few bigger ones. I'm going to be adding chili rasbora once everything grows in, and it'll be a display tank in my mom's office! And in my 40 gal, I have 3 ranchu goldfish! A dark brown-gold female named Feebas, a white male with an orange tail named Seel, and another male with more mottled coloring of orange and black and white with one completely black eye named Goldeen (sidenote: Should I look for more female goldfish to add with them? I worry about them stressing out Feebas with their chasing). I also have a small school of white cloud mountain minnows collectively named Blue Basculin! I also have a TON of pothos in there, growing completely submerged! All of the pothos you see in there were propagated from 3 plants! Both of these tanks use matten filters and have dirt beneath their cap of planted substrate and sand respectively! Anyway- I'm really excited to be a part of this community!
  3. So, I heard @Cory mention this concept in a video talk he gave about guppies to the Youngstown Aquarium Club. I was intrigued but could find almost no information about it. In the meantime I had guppies breeding in a 10 gallon with a matten filter in one end, and I would dip net out the fry as they showed up as fast as I could and transport them to a new tank. One day when I left the power off, 2 fry swam the wrong way down the tube and I found them happily living and growing behind the foam. then I found some photos on Instagram of a similar tank making use of this concept, and while mine is less beautiful, hopefully it will be more practically helpful. The concept is a divided tank, with adult guppies breeding in one end, with an airlift crossing a divider, and delivering fry to a separate compartment. This is a great way to use a matten filter. Here is the adult side, containing guppy parents, epiphyte plants, and adult red neocaridina shrimp (hiding in the rocks, you have to trust me): Here is the fry side, with more shrimp, and a bunch of newly planted stem plants: Here is the whole thing: Mechanics: Moms tend to hide in the plants to give birth, and newly born baby guppies naturally make a run for the rocks and plant cover, which is built around this air lift tube, available on amazon from aquaneat: Note the small holes on the intake, which admit fry but not adults. Air supplied by an airline creates lift, and draws the guppy fry up and out, where they are delivered to a predation free zone. I used the matten sponge from the 10g in this new 20g high, and made a frame out of pvc. Two things I learned as soon as I filled the tank the first time was that the matten filter and frame, while well fitted, want to float, and when a 20 high is full the glass bows just slightly, loosening the fit. I used black silicone to attach the frame to the glass. I need to clean up the edges a bit, but over all I am happy... And it works!
  4. So I've been seeing a lot of shrimp people specifically using matten filters. I'm trying to get to the bottom of how a matten is better than a normal sponge. The only possible way I can see any improvement is surface area. Has anyone used both? If so did it rock ur world with how much difference it made? Has your shrimps lives became much more complete and fullfilled?
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