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Found 12 results

  1. I ordered some neocaridina shrimp and plants from someone and got some hitchhiker snails which I was excited about. When I saw two of them today they had little white strings waving from their shells. Does anyone know what they are or if I need to do anything about them? Thanks, Brad
  2. Hi, I recently went to the LFS that I've had good experiences with and picked up some hornwort and think I might've gotten a few hitch hikers. My main question is about this one. It seems to have a sort of tail that seems kind of like the swimmerets on a dwarf shrimp. I've just noticed it, and can rule out it being current since I don't have a filter (Walstad Aquarium)
  3. Idk why it keeps flipping the second picture upside down for me. I was ripping apart a plant's root media when I came across this shocking fellow. I've only found one...though there was a brown sac w/ white fluid in it. Quick lookup lead me to midge fly larvae or bloodworm. Anyone ever come across these?
  4. Added a new ghost shrimp to tank last month, and this stowaway came along. Couple questions: 1. Guppy, yes? 2. Male, yes? 3. What type might it be (color, pattern, etc)? Thanks!
  5. Bought some plants from the LFS and this little guy was in the bag(trace amount of water in the bottom). Guessing it's a little guppy or endler, but I'm not sure.
  6. Too tiny... like under 1/4 inch to get a pic of... But I have exactly two itsy-bitsy fish fry... may have come in on my Dwf lettuce roots... i don't know... They look like 2 eyes and a transparent tail, zooming all over the top of my tank... usually not far from each other... I didn't invite them... but they are here now.. and i want to care for them as best i can until it's time for them to go.... No clue what species they are... but this is a shrimp/snail tank... so.. they are gonna have to go at some point.. They are very active... Does my heavily planted (although young) tank have enough food for them?
  7. I have an order coming in from coop this week. what are the odds on hitchhikers ? plants going into a community tank with cherry barbs, other tank is a multi shellie tank. First time doing plants and using planter and fert's from there as well. thanks. ( also for previous advice on what plants.)
  8. Hello all, i am so excited to be starting my new and first planted tank for my angel fish! I ordered an Amazon sword for my tank, and I am so happy with the condition of the plant. However, I placed it in a tub and I have found several small worm looking things. Are they harmful? How do I get rid of them? Please help!!!
  9. In conversation with discus breeder who appears reputable on website, he advises bleach (dilute!) soaking of new plants, followed of course with dechlorination, to remove contamination before planting my 125 gal tank planting. Do you fell this is necessary with you quality plants?
  10. I just found this lil guy in my tank. What is he and what should I do? My girlfriend already named him I hope he isn’t a pest species.
  11. I have some nano tanks. I have nerite snails in every tank I own. I don't mind the snails that came "free" on the co-op plants. My question is what kind of snails are they, how big will they get and how much of a bio-load will they add to my tanks. They currently look like tiny micro seeds but are growing fast. They're cute! Thanks.
  12. i havent added anything new to the bowl since i set it up a couple weeks ago so imagine my surprise when i see a single tiny fry chugging along. it is tiny and impossible to photograph cause of the distortion from the bowl. looks like it has been living off of algae and biofilm although i do drop in a couple krill flakes for the shrimp 1-2x a week. had to circle him so we could see 😂 its been a while since i bred goldfish so this should be fun to do. it’ll stay in the shrimp bowl till it gets a bit bigger but i will make sure to feed him some fry food in addition to the krill flakes. now im just very curious which of the two goldfish are the mom and dad and what he will look like 🤔
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