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She had a white somewhat fluffy spot on her head and I treated it with maracyn first then on day 2 adding the other two of the trio and it went away but this is 4 days after treating with medicine and all her scales are like puffed out, badly tattered fins and that white fluffy spot went away and turned into like a red patch, real veiny and red all-over but like 10 minutes after these photos she laid on her side and passed, I would just like to know what could have done this, cuz she got sick in a community tank and I put her in the hospital tank to treat and welp 1 less sadly 

10gl ,ph 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 50ish, GH 300+,  kh 40-0 (working on it) light 100w led soft white, 18/6 cycle, Caribbean sea aragonite in a filter bag, 2 old whisper filters and the med trio running, picture of the 20gl long community tank she originated in added








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@Colu no it's not whatever that is, 1 Google search later, it was a little bump on the top of the head just like on the right side of the Temple, I watched it for like a week and then 1 day it turned white and fluffy so I put it in the other tank and start treating with maracyn, 2 days later the bump and the fluff went away, but the exact spot started getting real red and veiny and the fish just puffed up with all the scales out, and the fins started getting real badly tattered and losing all of its color


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