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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody! I've been a pressurised CO2 user ever since I picked up the hobby. Lately, I've been playing with the idea of setting up a highly dense low tech jungle style aquarium. The idea of not having to trim loads of plants during every maintenance is very appealing. 🙂 With my high tech, I can clearly tell when the plant mass is too much for the available amount of CO2 and it's time to trim or up the injection rate. Obviously, with low tech I wouldn't be able to adjust the rate. My question is - given enough surface agitation and decent flow, how dense can a low tech be? Please feel free to share your jungle pictures with me. Let's make this a competition. I'm going on holiday for a week but when I'm back, I'll pick my favourite picture. The winner will win bragging rights, everyone else will win my gratitude for participation. Thank you!
  2. Love this plant! 1/3rd dose of easy green 3X a week, GLA EDTA Micromix 3X a week. Finnex planted clip on. Looks like I have found my volunteer for tissue cultures!
  3. Dr.rex

    Dropsy I think

    She had a white somewhat fluffy spot on her head and I treated it with maracyn first then on day 2 adding the other two of the trio and it went away but this is 4 days after treating with medicine and all her scales are like puffed out, badly tattered fins and that white fluffy spot went away and turned into like a red patch, real veiny and red all-over but like 10 minutes after these photos she laid on her side and passed, I would just like to know what could have done this, cuz she got sick in a community tank and I put her in the hospital tank to treat and welp 1 less sadly 10gl ,ph 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 50ish, GH 300+, kh 40-0 (working on it) light 100w led soft white, 18/6 cycle, Caribbean sea aragonite in a filter bag, 2 old whisper filters and the med trio running, picture of the 20gl long community tank she originated in added
  4. I wish I could find the post that inspired me. Some clever nerm had set up a beautiful 10g (I think) full of plants and moss for their desk, no heater, no filter, just a good light on a timer and a small school of white cloud minnows. And it was mwah, perfect. I keep thinking about the challenges of a low-tech, but still low-maintenance tank and how fun it would be to set up, smaller or larger, community or display. How would you set up your ideal low-tech tank?
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