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I forgot to introduce myself.


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Hello from  Fingerlakes New York. I started this crazy hobby at xmas 2020 with a ten gallon. I now have a 3 gallon with a scarlet badis and snails.  A 29 with 5 kilifish that im breeding, A fat molly, and 5 albino Cory cats. And my 10 gallon has 1 female half moon betta named Mimi. Accompanied by 8 ember tetra and 2 zebra loaches.  My most recent tank is a 20 long that i just set up a betta sorority with 7 vieltail females. The bettas are fighting a bit but its been less than 24 hours. I'll watch close but I might be taking two back to the store.  So that's it. 4 tanks and 30 fish later here I am. Hooked.

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