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  1. I wouldn't stock anymore until you have a quarantine tank setup. get another 10 gallon used somewhere cheap and get it cycled. when its ready, get your new fish, put in the quarantine tank ,medicate them and observe for a couple weeks. If all look healthy go ahead and add to your main tank. Nomatter where you get your fish from they could have potential sickness some won't show up for couple months. best to medicate and give your fish a better chance. check out corys video on this topic. i do this to all my fish no problems since. Hope it helps good luck.
  2. I've had the same success with golden wonder kilifish.
  3. Wow. Awesome advice, ill check the video out. Thanks.
  4. 😓 Great now i need to explain to my wife why i need to buy 60 more aquarium plants..Nice knowing ya.
  5. Cycling my new 29 long. Im loving me one big school of Rummynose tetra. or celestial pearl danios. Whats the max # of those you would put in a 29? i know one inch per gallon blah blah...😏 any exception to that rule with more frequent water changes, planted tank? Other species ideas? One big fish? One tetra school, cichlids, discus? Talk to me
  6. I have a 20 long with 4 female betta, 9 neon tetra, and 6 zebra danio. I use just one medium sponge filter and take the plastic tubing off the top. Having bettas LOW FLOW is a must, so No HOB for me, works fine, waters clear. (Medium is a little tall for the 20 long), but id rather use one medium sponge filter than two small ones. Id say go with your personal preference. A small or nano sf would definitely have a much lower profile and hide easily behind plants. But you would need two of them, or one small sf and one nano hob filter in addition would be fine.
  7. I have one badass and he eats frozen baby brine shrimp and i mix in Easy Fry and small fish food from aq.coop every few days. gobbles it up.
  8. Update on the sorority: I removed one highly aggressive girl she kept going from fish to fish attacking, and moved her in my community 29 gallon. She's chilled out with 5 bigger golden wonder kilifish, fat ms. molly, and 5 corys. unfortunately one betta swam to the bottom of tank and didn't move much in the sorority. she died the next day.?? and another looked like its gut was hanging out all the sudden??she died as well. So there are 4 blue bettas in there now. They chase each other once in a while but no actual fighting. So id say i was mostly successful. Mabeye ill add one more betta to make it 5 and some neon tetras or something in the 20 long.There were some black neon tetras that looked cool i saw the other day. Any suggestions?
  9. I got easy green, iron, carbon , and seachem products pot. phosphates, micronutrients to give an extra boost if need be. Just started dosing extra , so we will see what happens. my crypt looks good after two weeks. Mabeye some of melted plants will come back i didn't rip any out for that reason.
  10. My "unkillable" java fern turned black, Anubis disappeared and amazon swords all the leaves melted it has a little green left on the shoot mabeye it'll come back , but im not hopeful.Water sprite and hair grass all melted I have an octopus and dwarf sag on the way. We shall see.
  11. Nice, high iron where i am. limestone bed rock runs throughout the area. Im only 4 months in myself. i actually just planted a crypt a week ago seems ok so far and some tall hair grass. My lily bulb like i said is going nuts but that's after a 3 months of slowly growing roots in my tap water.
  12. Looking to get some more plants. The first round of mostly died or is melting back? im not sure. Instead of fighting my water parameters im looking for plants will survive (most likely) in my hard water. I have liquid rock well water lots of iron, and a tap water softener. I started with just conditioned tap water. NOT GOOD. no minerals. added equilibrium that helped. Now im mixing in the well water with water changes. My lily bulbs took off. Like inches per day its crazy. . So what other plants will thrive in almost liquid rock?
  13. @CalmedByFishlol i hope not for the frys sake . My kilifish would love a nice molly fry snack..i think shes just fat. Ms. Piggy is what we call her sometimes never stops eating.😁
  14. Hi @Randy the golden wonder kilifish. I have two males 3 females
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