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Hello from Edinburgh Scotland

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Just wanted to introduce myself, Im Cris and im 40yo, ive been keeping fish for roughly a year now and its probably the best hobby ive ever had, apart from fishkeeping i building gaming PCs and like tinkering with broken tech, i come from the ethos that things can always be fixed instead of the throw away society weve become. At the moment i currently have a 110L tank with a few Electric Blue Rams, A German Blue Ram, a few hifin panda corys and a small school of neon tetra, A 65L nursery tank that currently has 15 3 week old guppy fry in it and im about to take a huge leap and purchase a 500L monset tank that ill be looking to keep American Cichlids in and yes youve probably guessed by now but im a huge Cichlid fan, mainly American breeds.

Heres a pic of one of my Electric Blue Rams, i think its pretty awesome.

Feel free to ask me anything ill try my very best to help out where i can.

Electric Blue Ram.jpg

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Just now, Colu said:

Welcome to the forum once you get one tank then two and two turn in to 10 in no time at all

Yup started with a 110L, then got a 65L Fry tank, now just went out and got 500L but becuase of the size of my tiny house the 500L will be my last as i literally cannot put another tank anywhere.


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