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Could someone please tell me whats on my angelfish? I ordered the 3 meds coop recomends but they won't be here for 3 more days and I can't wait. He's super uncomfortable and itchy. What is it and what could I get at petsmart to get rid of it. Thanks so so much!

20gal. Water within normal limits 

2 Angels, 2 bristlenose plecos, 3 corys


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Ack! I'm having flashbacks. I've battle Ich twice (and have won thank you very much), my last time was with my new quarantined Otocinclus, all 6 of them had it, pic isn't great, but a lot of sources say you tend to see it on the fins mostly- as you can see while there is a dot or 2 on this adult there are also plenty on the body. If it's Ich, I'd highly recommend getting on top of that pronto. You may need to go to a lfs to buy treatment, I wouldn't wait. 


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