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Cracked Tank While Drilling...

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Also, be careful how much pressure you’re putting into the drill and make sure you’re keeping the drill bit cool with water. You don’t need a ton of water, or even super cold water. But maintaining a simple puddle helps dissipate the heat caused by friction.  You’re probably doing both of those already but that’s the only other things I can thing of. 

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On 3/21/2021 at 6:59 AM, Gideyon said:

I find myself hooked on watching things I'll never need to do. 

LOL I'm the same way. I watch videos on all sorts of DIY stuff that I'll never need or do. It's just fun to watch others do it, and maybe catch gems that are related to things I do or have planned. It's amazing what you can pick up that IS applicable from videos on things you'd never do yourself.

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Make sure not putting any pressure on the drill as you drill. I let the weight of the drill do the work. Plenty of water to cool the bit. Also, if the bit is dull it is more likely to cause a crack as it breaks through the backside of the pane. If you got one of the cheap bits from eBay or Amazon, they are only good for a couple of holes.

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