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Brown colored water

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So for a few months my husband and I bought a house, moved everything in, found out I was pregnant, and have been trying to do/fund everything ourselves. I have to say tank Maintence had gotten away from me for a few months coordinating everything. Now I’m trying to get my tank back to where it was but it seems I can’t ever save it from being this rust colored, cloudy mess.

I’ve tried frequent water changes, algae fixes, water clarifiers, plants, stones, machines and NOTHING is working. 

I think I’m going to have to buy another tank and start that one then see about moving fish over. I’ve looked on YouTube and the internet in general and all I get is “those are tannins and it’s fine”. That’s not what this is. 

Thanks to anyone who will give me any advice. I really appreciate it. 

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Did you try a UV sterilizer yet? I had this ONE tank. Like you it was cloudy and brown. In my case I suspect I contaminated this tank with water from a live food culture. The water quality was great, but it was ugly and clearly the whatever it was had become the dominant active culture. I decided since it was free floating, I would try the UV sterilizer on it. It worked and did not recur.

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