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Finally got some good pics!


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I'm terrible at taking pics and I was discussing that with my friend today. He bet me he could get amazing pics if I let him, so I did. He wasn't wrong!

I'd like to introduce you to Pastrami, Salami and Tsunami the Dwarf Gouramis! They were the first three fish I obtained since getting back into the hobby, in the order I've listed them. Blu the Angelfish was feeling like showing off so my friend got a pic of her too!



Here's a pic of them investigating the snail-pile I put in there for the assassin snails.

Thanks for reading! I've never had crisp pictures such as these.

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1 hour ago, James Black said:

Whats your secret? I need to know

My angelfish make it impossible to take pictures of any other fish until I have taken a picture of them. They will keep on stealing the show, and swimming infront of the other fish. 

That was exactly what Blu was doing! My buddy had to give her attention for awhile before he could finally get a decent pic of Tsunami

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3 hours ago, Colu said:

Beautiful fish that angelfish colour  neon blue just beautiful

Blu was completely white with a few black markings when I first got her, I was confused to why they named her a Blue Zebra. After a few months, that blue started popping out and boy it's stunning!

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My buddy managed to get a great size comparison pic between the gouramis and the angel. A few weeks ago, both my angels started breeding on me. They were being vicious to other tankmates BUT, those dwarf gouramis would hold their ground. Eventually, I decided to take the Angels out because Pastrami (The striped one) started getting downright vicious right back on them. The gouramis are a quarter the size of those angels but man they are sturdy little spitfires.

It was their first time spawning, they ate the eggs. I decided to keep the two angels seperated after that. The tanks they are in are right next to eachother and they can see one another. They'll greet eachother every afternoon when the lights flip on but I just don't want to deal with their naughty behaviors during breeding.


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