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Anyone want this tree?

Will Billy

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Im not sure how this works, or if i might be breaking forum protocol. @Daniel please correct me if this type of post is forbidden. I have a lemon cypress tree i am trying to regift for free to anyone that wants it. My wife received it for Christmas and i have nowhere on my property to plant it. It’s a coniferous tree that gets 30 feet tall and about 20 feet wide. It does smell like lemons tho. If anyone wants it you can have it for free. I will pay shipping cost if someone will give it a good home. I dont know what to do with it, or where to take it. I would gladly share my email for anyone interested to keep privacy for shipping this tree. I just dont want to throw it away, or know anyone that would take it. If anyone has any helpful ideas, im all ears. Here is a pic of it. 


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