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Anyone want this tree?

Will Billy

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Im not sure how this works, or if i might be breaking forum protocol. @Daniel please correct me if this type of post is forbidden. I have a lemon cypress tree i am trying to regift for free to anyone that wants it. My wife received it for Christmas and i have nowhere on my property to plant it. It’s a coniferous tree that gets 30 feet tall and about 20 feet wide. It does smell like lemons tho. If anyone wants it you can have it for free. I will pay shipping cost if someone will give it a good home. I dont know what to do with it, or where to take it. I would gladly share my email for anyone interested to keep privacy for shipping this tree. I just dont want to throw it away, or know anyone that would take it. If anyone has any helpful ideas, im all ears. Here is a pic of it. 


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So you can't give it away here, but you asked for suggestions.

Maybe your area has Craigslist or BuyNothing or Freecycle or OfferUp. These type of sites all have free stuff and would be a good way to rehome this poor little tree. They also might be willing to come get the tree, costing you nothing.

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