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Two TINY fish fry hitchhiked into my aquarium... do I need to feed?


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Too tiny... like under 1/4 inch  to get a pic of...  But I have exactly two itsy-bitsy fish fry... may have come in on my Dwf lettuce roots... i don't know...  They look like 2 eyes and a transparent tail, zooming all over the top of my tank... usually not far from each other...

I didn't invite them... but they are here now.. and i want to care for them as best i can until  it's time for them to go....  No clue what species they are... but this is a shrimp/snail tank... so..  they are gonna have to go at some point..

They are very active...  Does my heavily planted (although young) tank have enough food for them?

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6 minutes ago, Toobit67 said:

You think a little pinch once a dais enough?

I only had one little guy in the tank and I did a small pinch twice a day. My pinch sizes were about as big as the top of a pen. Did not want to dirty the water to much because I was still cycling the tank. 

So glad they are doing good!!

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