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Bit of a blurry photo but I have wrigglers. Was kinda down when I woke up this morning because I thought she had eaten them but they had all fallen down into a crevice at the back of the lighthouse. Hopefully mum let's at least 4 live to grow up.

Below that's a nice photo of dad showing off all his blue colouration.IMG_20200717_080800.jpg.b31b84a4fae1b1dec69afe871fcf4cce.jpg


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8/9/20 - Probably not as much growth as a master breeder would have by now but my fry have started to develope a full lateral stripe now rather than their spotted baby camouflage. 

Still a ways to go but at least that gives me time to befriend a LFS as these will be my first batch of fry I'd need to offload.IMG_20200907_180601.jpg.e14a7cdd928e0c3a7457961b15b3e77f.jpg


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7 minutes ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

Kribs are a species I want to get hold of and try my hands at breeding. Maybe I'll be able to find some at my local club's swap this weekend.

They seam like a common fish over here in the UK and were super fun to spawn. Good luck at your club swap and I look forward to seeing some photos down the road of your own.

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12 minutes ago, MickS77 said:

Did your pair fight after the fry were swimming? My female was beating up the male pretty bad afterwards. I had to move him to another tank to let his tail heal up. 

Yes, they were super aggressive towards each other once the fry were out and about. I tried keeping them together for a while but I did pull him out. Currently he lives in my community tank in the living room.IMG_20200907_203536.jpg.6fa7fc1cc859f88430fa824fea6449b1.jpg

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It's all gone full circle, I took 91 kribensis fry to the LFS today. With one fry still to catch (It jumped out if the net into another tank.... 😂). Unfortunately they are super common around here so we didn't get any store credit but it went towards my first breeder certificate.

The tank is now sitting empty awaiting apisto fry. Unless I get to excited and go fish shopping in the mean time... 😬😬IMG_20201004_111742.jpg.c6357e22bc236dabd25eda921eff8a31.jpg

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