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Should I Continue Paracleanse or Rest?


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Ok, so I bought some Gold Dust Mollies this past weekend and after watching them for a day I was disappointed by what I was seeing. Two of them were thin and looking thinner. After a couple more days observation I could see white stringy poop and they didn’t look any better. I had Paracleanse on hand and I dosed the QT tank Tuesday. Yesterday the two fish were stressed to the max. They spent most of the day resting at the surface on water sprite foliage, and when they were swimming they were shimmying. 

They look much better today.Today is the day that I should treat them with the second dose of Paracleanse, but I’m concerned with how they did with the first round. 

So I am wondering if I should give them a break for a few days (2 maybe 3), and then start the treatment all over. I don’t know, maybe that would be worse. I thought I would source some opinions here and see what you all think. 





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4 hours ago, Cory said:

What are your water parameters? The most often cause of molly problems is ph and mineral content in the water not being high enough.

QT’s parameters

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate <5

pH 8

temp 76

I know the store that I bought them from uses RO water and I’m not sure if they re-mineralize their freshwater tanks. I have a hard time finding good looking Mollies in my area. Petco always has the nicest. I knew a couple of these looked thin, but after a couple of days I was seeing clear and stringy poop. After dosing Paracleanse I noticed the stress. I guess I assumed it was the meds, but it could have been the tank  

My pH in this tank is always 8. As for hardness I’ve never tested it but my water is thick. I can cut it. LoL. I have a 75 gallon tank full of Mollies and fry, and rarely have any issues. 

I did have an ammonia spike in the QT after adding four mature Mollies. It only hit .25 when testing  I did one 50% water change and it has read 0 ammonia ever since. The ammonia reading was before I dosed the Paracleanse. There was 0 ammonia when I dosed the med. I’m currently working from home and really invested in adding these females to my male heavy display tank. So I was testing multiple times a day for a couple of days.


Thanks for the response Cory. I’m a huge fan of the Coop and community. 

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