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29 Gallon exploding with plants

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So I started cycling my 29 gallon about 2 months ago the plants came in about 4 days before Christmas. Now they have exploded, I haven’t dosed in about 2 weeks and I do water changes every other week. There is also no Co2 running. The 1st picture was taken 2 weeks ago and the 2nd was taken today. So you guys know how the Hornwort went crazy very quickly. Also could you guys rate my tank and tell me what I could do to make it look cooler. 

3 golden Panchax Killifish

5 black skirt tetras

1 white skirt tetra

4 Corydoras 


I know my tank is a bit overstocked but I also have 2 sponge filters for a 30 gallon.

Also if you guys had any advise on breeding Golden Panchax Killifish it would be highly appreciated. Thanks



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