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Another newbie to the forum


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My name is Toby and live in Canada.

Just found that forum today and signed up right away.

I am watching the aquarium co-op videos on youtube for some time now.

Not a newbie to the aquarium hobby but after a 10 year break back at it and still loving it. 


Currently I have 13 tanks, 12- 20gallon long and a fluval bow front. Fish I am keeping at this moment apistogramma cacatuoides , panduro , ortegai , l134 leopard frog, l201 Orinoco angel, l129 Colombian zebra 


Looking forward to lots of reading, learning and sharing of information 

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On 1/21/2021 at 8:20 AM, Andy's Fish Den said:

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you got bit by the MTS, and have a nice selection of fish there. Are you trying to spawn any of them?

Sorry for the very late reply.  Yes I try to spawn all fish I keep. All the plecos are still to young for breeding but the apistos multiplying like rabbits.


Current fish I keep

A. borellii 

A. trifisciata red

A. viejita 

A. hongsloi II

A. cacatuoides 

A. panduro 

A. ortegai 

Nannostomus mortenthaleri

Danio margaritatus 

Thank you 

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