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MarineLand 5G portrait lighting replacement


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Has anyone put one of these on the marine land 5G portrait tank?


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The light that comes with this tank is useless IMO.  I had my betta in this tank then decided it was too small and dark. Now I think I will take it to work and put some shrimp in it but want to be sure I can grow some foliage as well.  I have removed the back inner divider and have a small sponge filter in it if that matters.


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That was one of the lights that I considered for mine (I ultimately went with a 12" Nicrew that I already had) and it's a noticeable improvement. I'm not trying to grow anything super demanding, just some mixed Ludwigia and a tiger lotus, but for aesthetics I may try out a clip-on Finnex Stingray.

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I’ve had one running since December of 2018 and I’m happy with the quality of the light. It did a great job at growing a S Repens carpet for a while on a 5 gallon and now I have it on a different 5 gallon with dwarf sag and crypts.


Would I purchase it again? No, but that’s more because I like using super budget options. Most of my tanks are running led under cabinet kitchen lights I get at Walmart for $8 each. The main reason I have this light is that first 5 gallon was one I set up for our store betta fish at the chain pet store I work at and it really helped sell more of them.

So, if you’re looking for a really quality light that looks sleek and don’t mind the price point, I would jump on it. If you just want a light that will grow plants and you don’t mind something that might not be as great quality wise, there’s other options




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