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First Time Aquarium Stand Build


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Hello.  I decided to try building the “cheap and easy” aquarium stand from the KGTropicals YouTube channel. This one is for a new, 20 gallon long that I’m going to set up.  It is in-fact pretty cheap and easy to do.  I used 2x4s and I’m going to use some reclaimed pallet wood to finish off the bottom shelf.  I did spend some extra time sanding all the boards so that it looks a bit more finished and so that it will take stain better.

This was also my first try “test” as I plan to eventually build a new stand for my 38 gallon.  For that one, I will be a little more exact with my placement of the screws and might even use a pocket jig to hid the screw holes.  Either way, there is the option to apply some trim and/or sidewalls to make it look more finished.

Anyway, happy with how it came out.  Super sturdy and confident it can hold a lot of weight.





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