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  1. @tolstoy21 it is about 6 inches now. Thank you for the help guys, you are great.
  2. A friend bought a house and they left the tank and fish with it. He didn’t want them, so he called me. I just don’t know what they are. Any help would be nice.
  3. When it’s warm out and you want to keep your food cold
  4. @JoeQ thank you for the info. If I could be others by aquarium life stuff be pretty cool for the bragging rights
  5. Has anyone used easy green on THC plants? I want to use easy green, easy root tabs, and easy plant LED. Thank you in advance.
  6. @jwcarlson it was just one scoop. I have 5 different Thanks that I was feeling. About 100 fish total. Honestly I think it was to much still but the cardinal tetras and African cichlids sure loved it.
  7. @Surreal got the second batch going.
  8. So finished up the project. Like all projects that deal with drilling holes in the ceiling, do it when the wife isn’t home. The needle isn’t really steady but it works. Definitely one of those you adjust one and have to go through the system to see what else changed. Trying to keep it at 1.5. Any advise or words of wisdom throw them my way. First time doing a closed loop system.
  9. Well not my weekend but putting in time when I can. Not 100% sure how well of a seal 🦭 I got on the pressure gauge because of lack of tape from screwing it in. Thinking if it isn’t whistling at me a small amount I’m not going to worry about since I will be bleeding out air anyways. First runs never seem to be perfect at least for me.
  10. Not too pictured is my 240 gallon. I need to figure out what I’m doing with that tank. Of course in the living room too 😂
  11. Umm not to be that guy but I don’t think you are suppose to link other pages or such.
  12. Definitely be following for my axolotl tank. Thank you everyone in the thread.
  13. Used a string and couple of clamps to keep a semi steady line. Then followed the trick Aquarium Co-Op recommends to screw the valves in. Pretty happy about it. Then got it hung and the wife was actually not upset about our living room changing into a fish room 😂
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