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36” COOP VS Kessil Tuna Sun + 2 Asta 20


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On 6/12/2023 at 5:05 PM, Brandon said:

Side by side pictures on my ADA 90p (48 gallons)

Looks good.  A bit more intense brightness on the right.  It looks more yellowed to me, but I couldn't tell you if that is 7500K vs. 6500K or what specifically. 

I like that you took the time to put the comparison together! Nice work.

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In the first pick I think the Tuna sun, ect looks better, You can see the greens better on the sword(I think) and the underside of the crypt is more clear.

Though, I think this is because the sword is blocking a lot of light and the sun's single point intensity directly above the sword is able to get through the leaves better.

In the recent pick you don't have the sword anymore, a lot more light gets through to the carpet, looks good. 

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I think the two "flat" lights (ACO) look cleaner (from an external perspective, not actual plant color) than the three spot lights.  They also have better coverage.  However, the Tuna Sun, has the better color (IMHO).

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