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  1. Magnet idea is really intriguing. The white logo is a deal breaker for me.
  2. Side by side pictures on my ADA 90p (48 gallons)
  3. Smells like dead fish. No actual dead fish in any of my tanks, that I can find…
  4. Thanks, I am likely over feeding. I will adjust accordingly.
  5. I have multiple well seasoned tanks. They all have recently begun to smell terrible. The only change of note (as far as I can determine) is the addition of Coop Freeze Dried Tubifex Cubes to the mix. Could this food be the culprit in the new odor (never feed Tubifex before)? my fish and shrimp devour them!
  6. I have both. planted+ is far brighter and I also prefer the design. I don’t really like the clip light, bulky attachment point and not much output. Limited placement options in my opinion, given the angle of the goose neck. That is, if you like to have your lid sealed tight.
  7. Thought this was pretty cool. They seem to use it as a staging ground to grab flake foods.
  8. Nothing. pretty sturdy as is and I have it leaning on the back glass slightly.
  9. Trying a different hole, this might be the move!
  10. No reaction from the nitrate drop test. Looks pretty cool too. may also try a different type of stone.
  11. Working on a shelf/cave idea. anyone know if sandstone is aquarium safe?
  12. a typical aquarium led light will not fit under. a submersible one with suction cups would, I thought about trying that myself. I do not know how to get partial pieces.
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