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Corydoras melini eggs

Swamp Sunflower

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Bad eyes so I’ll just tell you how my melini eggs develop. 
At first they all look the same. In about a day I can see a a distinct white dot Along the outer edge and it slowly looks like a fiber extends from the dot along the outer edge. 
Just before hatch in a few days I can see some color and with phone zoom and magnifying glass I can see eyes. 
My infertile ones will become opaque white, possibly fungus or remain entirely clear.

Some of my eggs take up to an extra 2 days to hatch. 

Congratulations 🎉 I love my melini they are adorable 

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I was concerned that my honey gourami would eat the babies, but that was probably an overblown fear. I think I will just leave future eggs. I noticed panda cory fry pop up in another tank, so the corys don't seem to need much from me. 

A young shrimp did sneak into the breeder net and live with the false bandit fry for a few weeks. I looked at that little nipper so many times, I think I could pick him out of a lineup haha.

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