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Wormline chubby pleco? Chubby pleco breeders?

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Curious if there is anyone on here who breeds chubby pleco? I just got 3 really amazing looking wormline chubby pleco (LDA046). They are all adult males but I have a source for more still at the moment so I am going to get 6 females of similar size if I can, if I can’t get similar size ones then I am going to get some juveniles and grow them out. 
would love to hear from anyone else who owns these guys, so far I have not been able to find anyone who currently has them, just 5 people who have had them in the past but are no longer active on planet catfish.                                                               Input from anyone currently breeding regular L056 chubbys would also be welcome since they are far more common and probably breed pretty much the same. Thanks!

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They are gorgeous! They came bigger than advertised and are not showing stress coloration. Nice dark black likes and the other lines range between light yellow and almost orange. Never even seen nicer looking ones in pictures honestly. When he got them they were black and bright red! He said they lost the color quite a bit but started to brighten back up pretty quickly.

I have to clean that tank I will try and get a good picture for you.

Looking to purchase like 6 more. They are going to be my new breeding project, that being why I am looking for people who breed chubbys, I have given up on finding other people breeding these, I can’t even find anyone else who has them. Planet catfish only has 6 other people who ever owned them and they are all inactive now 

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On 2/10/2023 at 3:49 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

I think bentley might have some.  He just got some new ones.  I am unsure about the specific L# and would have to check.  I think his setup for them is still being worked on. 

Were you able to find out about that?

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There is not a breeding report for this species because they have not been bred in captivity, I am hoping to change that.

is worth pointing out that  plant catfish doesn’t have breeding reports for every fish that has been bred in captivity, they only have reports from people who are on that forum and care to write one. I have seen other species that aren’t reported, but are known to be captive bred also.  When I went to go write a breeding report for my. Synodontis contractus I saw that it was the first one and I know for a fact I am not the first person who has had them spawn. There also isn’t one for synodontis decorus, and I know someone who breeds them.

I may have been unclear that what was hoping to find with this post was with someone who has experience breeding p.nudiventris or p.aurintiacus. They are both know to spawn in aquaria but are not the easiest fish to breed.  it is likely that my wormlines would require the same conditions and have similar triggers, and also not be very easy to breed, so input from someone who has done, it would be very valuable. 
( and a picture of one of my nicest looking ones because I love taking pictures of my fish and this species is so handsome

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