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Do you experiment with hot-rodding aquarium filters?  Or is your practice more, use as is?    Do you have any special tricks or tips?

I like to try different things with filters & my latest filter to hot-rod, is not my favorite out of the box, but has great potential, IMO.  

IMO, You can customize nearly any filter, within reason, of course.  

A number of sponge materials will fit well in this hang-on-back (HOB) filter, but am going to use the Co-Op's, black coarse sponge pads.  They are great for providing additional surface area and do mechanical filter some.  I often also use the Co-Op's fine poly pads for particulate filtration.

The biggest thing to remember is don't jam the filter material inside or keep it too high near the edge of the housing; might possibly flood if there is a backup in the system, etc.  Always be careful & proceed at your own risk, when modifying any product from it's initial design.    













@Cory, Also, has a great video on filter optimization and has input on this particular filter in one of his videos.  I'll link the video below:

NOTE:  His filter optimization begins at 23:05 , regarding this filter.



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I have a submerged power filter on my bichir tank. The filter puts out a strong current, with the fish don't appreciate. To slow the flow, I put a spraybar on the outflow. Then I slip some filter sponges over the spray bar. I figure bacteria can grow on those sponges, and as a bonus, the sponges slow down the bubbles from the venturi valve the filter has. My thinking is the longer these small bubbles are in the water, the more gas exchange will happen. The scuds and crayfish babies like grazing on the biofilm too....

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