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Hello fellow fishkeepers, currently got a tank with Harlequin Rasboras, Cherry Shrimp and a Mystery snail which is filled with this brown hairy algae. I don't think that it's hair algae but it is certainly getting on my nerves. I've lowered the amount of time my light is on and tried to lower my nutritents enough so the algae dissapears but don't kill my plants? Can I get some help please?






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Here is a thread that can help give you a quick jump on the algae that will not harm your plants. The hard scape you can take out 1 piece at a time and scrub with straight hydrogen peroxide from the grocery. Pour the HP directly on the hard scape and let sit for 5 minutes scrub and repeat until it is gone. Reverse respiration is only the cost of a bottle of seltzer from the grocery as well.  This will give you a chance to get the tank in a better balance nutrient/light wise. 


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I would definitely start with:

A. Remove all the plants into a bucket of tank water so you can clean them or treat them with H202 or Rapid Respiration (selzter water).  The RR is probably a lot easier to do, details in the thread above.
B.  Remove the rocks, clean them with a brush or sponge somewhere and remove as much as you can of this algae
C.  Gravel Vacuum the tank really well to remove what stuff is on the top layer of the substrate.
D.  Test everything AFTER you do a 50% WC and then report back so we can see if it's something based on nitrates, ammonia, feeding, lights, etc.

If we want to look at lights, we need to know the setup of the tank / light (how is it setup on the tank) and whatever the settings are for the light in question.

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