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I finally got my tub ponds set up for the summer. We’ve had some crazy weather this spring and it’s been too cold up until now to really get going.

Since I got a late start, this year I’m only doing two 110 gallon tubs (I also have 1 110 gallon tub that has goldfish year-round) One tub will have some albino koi guppies and the other will have red cap medaka rice fish. The fish should be here by the end of the week!


Right now, I have a variegated Japanese Iris in each tub, obedient plant in one, and bloody dock in one. I put a couple water hyacinth in each tub as well. I have some more floating plants coming that should arrive sometime this week.

I was going to put some firecracker plants in the floating plastic lily pads, but I just got an email today that those were out of stock and I was refunded, so I’ll need to find something else to go in those.


The water is starting to get a cloudy green look, so hopefully it will be fully green soon! 

Now to wait for the fish…

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On 6/28/2022 at 8:07 AM, Guppysnail said:

Those look great. I love your choice of plants. 

Thanks! I own a little plant nursery, and these were some plants that haven't been very popular, so I figured I'd just plant them myself!

On 6/28/2022 at 8:09 AM, Patrick_G said:

Looking good so far. How many guppies are you starting with? 

I ordered two pairs. I wouldn't have minded starting with another pair or two of females, but I think I'll still have plenty of fry by the end of the summer anyways. With all that space, they should grow quickly.

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Fish have arrived! Early this morning the guppies were delivered! They look really nice and healthy so I’m very pleased with them!

I had planned on getting pictures for y’all in a specimen container so you’d have a good look, but mine all have hard water stains so you’ll have to do with a sub-par top view photo for now.


They are all very active and got right to exploring their new home! The females are still pretty small, so I’m guessing fry are gonna be a ways out yet. That’s ok though, it’ll be worth the wait!

On another note, the water is greening up really nicely, so it won’t be long until the water is a real good green. I’m also extra happy with my guppy selection because these do show up really well even in the green water.

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My medakas came late in the evening yesterday. Only about half of the showed a prominent red cap, but maybe they need to settle in. If not, I should have plenty of fry pretty soon so I'll be able to select some future breeders with good coloration and hopefully get a nice line going.


Sorry, no pictures! They're a lot more skittish than the guppies. The guppies have no fear and are as friendly as can be. I'm really enjoying them so far

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