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  1. Good to know. Appreciate the heads up. I’ve got golden pearls super fine and spirulina powder on hand. Will likely start with those and go from there. That’s a good call out if those aren’t successful. They worked for bosemani rainbows which are also insanely tiny at birth.
  2. Collected cpd eggs. Hoping to raise a bunch up. This should be a recurring daily activity for a while.
  3. They are basically water puppies. Extreme energy and then total exhaustion laying around everything. pretty sure I’m gonna work towards a 50 hall on plus tank with them cpds and shrimp.
  4. So I had placed the mop Monday afternoon, Wed afternoon I removed it and pulled 20+ eggs off the mop. I noticed they were concentrated at the bottom of the mop where it almost touched the substrate. I think the easiest strategy would be have a tank to just plop the mop and eggs in one into they still laid eggs elsewhere in the tank but the mop definitely worked.
  5. So… there’s already at least one egg in the mop. Like three hours later. I’ll plan to let it hang out in the tank till Wednesday evening then pull count and transfer to the breeder box. That would put the oldest in mop a day or so from hatching.
  6. Razor blades are where it’s at for glass lids and tanks.
  7. No idea but I need them…
  8. Decided to add to my experiments… noticed that they were happily laying eggs in Java moss…. thought to myself I have a spawning mop for collecting bosemani rainbow eggs…I wonder if they will lay in / on the mop. Would sure make collection easy if I were to raise the eggs/fry separate from parents. Just get a couple mops. Rotate every two days or so into your grow out tank. Rinse and repeat. will post back with success/failure.
  9. I have a set of 5 pgymy corys in a 10 gallon with a handful of neocaridinia shrimp that i set up to breed the pygmy corys. Mine have been laying eggs on java moss and the glass in the corner of the tank. My understanding is that they will look for an area with a good bit of water flow which seems to be born out by my tank. The eggs if fertilized will go a brownish color and take 4ish days to hatch. They are super small, and if you have a gravel substrate you will likely see them disappear. I just got mine to spawn in the last two weeks after they grew up a bit. I am currently experimenting to see what method makes more sense - leave in tank with the parents or pull the eggs and hatch in a hang on fluval breeder box. The parents do not seem to be interested in eating the eggs, and general internet knowledge seems split 50/50 on if they will eat their fry. So we will see what method will lead to a higher hatch rate. Currently have 14 in the fluval breeder box that are growing. Feeding baby brine shrimp and super crushed flake food. I threw a couple bits of indian almond leave in the breeder box and some java moss. They seem to like to hide under the indian almond leave bits at this point. If you have neocaridinia shrimp they are like my favorite trick for hatching / raising fry. Toss em in with the eggs, they eat the fungused ones (seem to ignore healthy eggs) as you start to feed the fry they will scavenge and eat whatever the fry dont eat. They are the nanny's of the fry.
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