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Hello from Montana

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Hello. I thought I would take some time this morning to introduce myself.  I am recently getting back into the hobby. 10ish years ago I had two fish tanks. One with Oscar's and angels and the other was a comunity tank. 

I started building a new setup back in July or so of 2021. With work and other responsibilities I did not get water into the tank until just after Thanksgiving. 

I am located in Montana.  So if there are any others in Montana that would be really cool. 

The tank is a 75 gallon that I drilled for an overflow. The stand and canopy I built out of 3/4 cabinet grade plywood. 

In the bottom of the stand I have a 20 or 29 gallon sump. I can't remember and need to measure. 

I included a picture and it may be hard to tell but after setting the stand in the house I poured some of the counter top epoxy in the surface where the tank goes. I built a bulkhead on the back edge and the epoxy is between 1/8 and 1/4 inch.  The intention of this was to insure it was perfectly level and provided even support to the tank. 

I have a CO2 system and the lighting is provided by a harbor freight led shop light (will upgrade I'm waiting on the aquarium coop lights)  

Currently in the tank I have a variety of tetras, Cory cats, shrimp, guppies, Mollies Danios, otos, and a pleco. 

It a different story but I also have two small tanks that are full if fry at the moment. 

Some upcoming projects I plan on possibly doing to the setup included;

-Adding an automatic water change

-new lights for the display tank

-building a bigger sump.  This would either be from acrylic or a off the shelf glass tank. 

-adding a dosing pump 

-a whole different project would be to build a guppy breeding setup. 

Anyways I have included some pictures. If anyone has any question or comments don't be shy. 
























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On 2/14/2022 at 8:50 AM, Patrick_G said:

Nice looking setup! The under tank area looks clean and well organized. What’s the filter on the right for? 

The filter on the right is a 1 micron filter followed by a carbon filter. I had intended on plumbing it in a way where it was inline with the return pump with a bypass. The idea being I would not use it all the time only to polish the water or remove medication. 

In practicality I don't really use it. 

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