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Increase on Epistylis cases?


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I’m admin at a large fb group and we’ve seen an increase in cases of what looks like ich but doesn’t always respond to ich meds. Raising temps send to overdrive (which makes sense with ich too but after a few days it definitely looks like they’re covered in a blanket of random sized spots).

Epistylis diagnosis off of pics are running rampant now but we do have several people, some very experienced, reporting widespread issues.

Aquarium co-op salt treatment appears to work (we recommend since it would take care of both). Especially in places like Canada where antibiotics are not readily available.

I have noticed there’s a lot more sick fish at local chain stores with some even stopping sales of their entire stock, something I haven’t seen in a long time.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I want to make sure our group members are not just over sensitive about the topic and blowing it out of proportion.

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The best treatment for epistylis is kanaplex in food  but if your not sure if it's ich or Epistylis you can use ick x or paragraud to treat the water column and treat their food with kanaplex as epistylis feeds off the bacterial on your fishs body that why an antibiotic treat in food is the most effective treatment in the UK I hardly hear of people getting Epistylis 


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I suspect it may be more reflective of an increase in recognition of Epistylus cases vs an actual uptick in cases.  This was something I had never heard of back in the bad old days and I’m a voracious reader and always have been.

It’s certainly possible to have an increase in cases, but the internet spreads info so quickly and if “everybody” is hearing about cases, unless someone documents and counts actual numbers of cases vs cases “someone has heard about” then 3 cases could appear to be dozens.

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