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The best corydora

Lexi B

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You might think that the bronze corydora is the best because of how common it is or albino morphs, but you'd be wrong. Perhaps the cryptic patterns of the false Julii would tickle your fancy and think they are most ideal, but you'd be wrong. You see, this is not a question of your favorite corydora, but rather the true best species of cats. Which Cory will rule them all?

The pygmy Cory. 

Don't believe me? Here is a list of facts that are 100% evidence why pygmy cories are better than all other cories. 

1. Small bodies. Smaller fish can be kept in larger groups. Sure, you could have a group of say 10 cories in an appropriately sized tank. But why have 10 regular cories when you could have 20 pygmy cories?

2. Objectively cuter. It's been proven with FACTS and LOGIC that small things are cuter than big things. Don't ask me for citations. 

3. Single stripes. Pygmy cories have a black racing stripe on their side, just like how race cars have cool stripes. That means they're fast and cool.

4. Basically helicopters. Pygmy corydora like to hover in one spot for some stupid reason. You know what else can hover? Helicopters. Beat that other cories 

5. They t-pose one all the other fish. Yes, all other cories appear to t-pose due to their straight pectoral fins, but pygmy cories just do it better. 


These are my facts. No other Cory is better. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. 

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I’m severely biased to the Gold Laser’s and Green Laser’s. All corydoras are phenomenal when they aren’t hiding. My school of 15 gold laser’s were the only Cory’s that didn’t hide on me. My current group of 13 pandas are always hiding. It’s like they’re always taking a meeting in the back room. 

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