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  1. Awhile back I bought 3 trios of Albino Blue guppies, and even though I was feeding heavily at the time, they never seemed to eat and they all ended up dying. (every other fish in the tank was healthy except for those guppies in particular) I'm thinking of trying again, but I'm worried that the same thing will happen. Are albino guppies blind/have poor eyesight, or could it have been from the strain not being as hardy as other guppies?
  2. I need a new heater for my 20 gallon aquarium before things start getting much colder. (Fishtanks are at the end of a hallway with no door, so can't heat the room area). Our indoor temperature is currently getting down to 64F and the tank seems to be staying around 68-70 on a good day, but I'd rather it be at least 76. Tank is for growing out guppies, and housing my snails and shrimp, with a medium Coop sponge filter. Any recommendations for what heaters are currently available? Brands and types?
  3. I would like to have room to set up some 10 gallon tanks in my fish area. The area I'm planning on using is 44" wide and 63" high, and I can do up to 18 inches deep. The biggest commercial built wire rack I could buy would be 42" x 18" wide. As I've never undergone this sort of thing before, any suggestions with what I could do besides that? What designs for a self-built rack would I go with (if using standard 2x4s or the like)? Any links to articles on building would be great.
  4. Out of curiosity, what 3d printer do you use to print your fish stuff? (there's so many types and such I'm just interested in one I could print small items such as what you have designed)
  5. Help! I thought I was removing a clump of bubbles in some hair algae and I found eggs! I dont know who left them. Of the fish I have in multiples and seem likely are pygmy corys, neon tetras or sparkling gourami? (Not including my albino cories because they have bigger eggs as they keep laying them on the glass, and ony have 1 bristlenose pleco and 1 siamese algae eater, and the guppy already had fry) I know gourami make bubble nests, but it was on top of hair algae, so the bubbles are now gone. Any suggestions as to who left them and what to do now?
  6. So, I have a bunch of hair algae in my tank, most of it is intertwined with my guppy grass, java moss, and even the water lettuce roots. I've tried hand removal, and the combined might of my bristlenose pleco, 4 amano shrimp and an army of ramshorn snails have barely put a dent in it. Should I try using something like Tetra Algae Control (after moving the shrimp and snails to another tank) or is there something that actually eats it?
  7. I got some albino guppies in the mail on Thursday and one of them died a few hours ago. Another one is showing similar symptoms with the split fin and some blood on the edges of the fins. I'm pretty sure its fin rot, but as I was unable to set up a quarantine tank before hand (no room due to construction), so since none of my other tank mates (12 pygmy cories, 8 albino cories, 2 pygmy gourami, 1 bristlenose pleco, 6 amano shrimp and a bunch of ramshorn snails) have been medicated, I'm dosing the entire 55 gal. The only thing I'm wondering if my ramshorn snails and amano shrimp will be able to survive the quarantine trio meds? PH: 7.0 Nitrates: 10 ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 300 ppm KH: 60 ppm Temperature: 75.5*F
  8. Looks like bladder snails, they could have come on the plants. I have some in my tank I am trying to remove (so I can have my prefered, more colorful ramshorn snails) that probably came in on plants.
  9. Didn't realize the PH changes with temperature, I keep the tank at 75 but room is usually around 69-71 where I test. I'll look into a digital one, it's hunting that's the hard part. I used both the tests, and after repeatedly finding the regular one having the hightest reading possible while the high range before would be at the absolute lowest, I started testing only the high-range as the tests started leaning more alkaline. I'm pretty sure the mixture of Onyx-sand and Eco-complete and my 7.4 tapwater are combining, but I would assume that the 3 little pieces of malasian driftwood's tannins would start counteracting that.
  10. So I set up my 55g, it's doing pretty good at the moment, but I keep having issues when testing my water. When I use either the Aquarium Co-op or API test strips, my PH reads around 6.8 - 7, but when I use the API liquid test (high range) it says it's about an 8. My KH is 4 and GH is 6. Any idea what is happening? All the tests are fresh, but I can't figure out why the PH reading is so different between them.
  11. Try using aquarium silicone to glue the wood down to the tile/slate?
  12. Like I said, I did get it to work again, but during the time it "died", I tried it on several other usb chargers and none of them worked. Just something to be mindful about.
  13. Nope, that's exactly what I ment, Right now everything is planted temporarily since I'm still debating what goes where, and ignoring the fact my fluval 406 and spraybar arn't connected yet, replacing the hosing still.
  14. ...but it's something. Mom broke my previous 55 tank right before I set it up, so bought a new 55 tank. Added a bunch of old black sand and dry Eco-Complete from when I had it set up 5 years ago, added 2 bags of Seachem Onyx sand (then proceeded to remove it all and thoroughly wash all the gravel since the sand was very chalky and no amount of vacuuming would fix it. After everything was clean, threw the gravel back in the tank, added 2 bags of fresh Eco-Complete and mixed them together. Added water, added some plants and threw on the Aquaclear 70 HOB, along with 2 sponge filters so they can be cycled. Plants include: 1 microsword, 1 dwarf chain sword, 1 cryptocoryne lucens, 4 cryptocoryne parva, 2 vallisneria, 1 amazon sword, a baseball sized clump of guppy grass, 1 narrow java fern badly glued to a coconut shell, some amazon frogbit and a tiny amount of duckweed I got by mistake. Only resident is a tiny bladder snail that doesn't care about the 2ppm Ammonia and Fritzzyme cycling process going on for the last 5 days. I want to do some better aquascaping, making a raised tier in the back but I'm still working on that. Any suggestions for how to do that, please let me know.
  15. (I was busy getting my second Covid shot yesterday, sorry for the late response) I had it hanging from the tank light, plugged into a nearby power outlet, specifically the cord was plugged into the red usb when it died/would not come back on. I tried it again to take the picture and plugged it into the blue usb, and it started working when plugged in. I don't know why it wouldn't work though for a time period, since I don't remember doing anything to make it start or stop again.
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