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  1. I got some albino guppies in the mail on Thursday and one of them died a few hours ago. Another one is showing similar symptoms with the split fin and some blood on the edges of the fins. I'm pretty sure its fin rot, but as I was unable to set up a quarantine tank before hand (no room due to construction), so since none of my other tank mates (12 pygmy cories, 8 albino cories, 2 pygmy gourami, 1 bristlenose pleco, 6 amano shrimp and a bunch of ramshorn snails) have been medicated, I'm dosing the entire 55 gal. The only thing I'm wondering if my ramshorn snails and amano shrimp will be able to survive the quarantine trio meds? PH: 7.0 Nitrates: 10 ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 300 ppm KH: 60 ppm Temperature: 75.5*F
  2. Looks like bladder snails, they could have come on the plants. I have some in my tank I am trying to remove (so I can have my prefered, more colorful ramshorn snails) that probably came in on plants.
  3. Didn't realize the PH changes with temperature, I keep the tank at 75 but room is usually around 69-71 where I test. I'll look into a digital one, it's hunting that's the hard part. I used both the tests, and after repeatedly finding the regular one having the hightest reading possible while the high range before would be at the absolute lowest, I started testing only the high-range as the tests started leaning more alkaline. I'm pretty sure the mixture of Onyx-sand and Eco-complete and my 7.4 tapwater are combining, but I would assume that the 3 little pieces of malasian driftwood's tannins would start counteracting that.
  4. So I set up my 55g, it's doing pretty good at the moment, but I keep having issues when testing my water. When I use either the Aquarium Co-op or API test strips, my PH reads around 6.8 - 7, but when I use the API liquid test (high range) it says it's about an 8. My KH is 4 and GH is 6. Any idea what is happening? All the tests are fresh, but I can't figure out why the PH reading is so different between them.
  5. Try using aquarium silicone to glue the wood down to the tile/slate?
  6. Like I said, I did get it to work again, but during the time it "died", I tried it on several other usb chargers and none of them worked. Just something to be mindful about.
  7. Nope, that's exactly what I ment, Right now everything is planted temporarily since I'm still debating what goes where, and ignoring the fact my fluval 406 and spraybar arn't connected yet, replacing the hosing still.
  8. ...but it's something. Mom broke my previous 55 tank right before I set it up, so bought a new 55 tank. Added a bunch of old black sand and dry Eco-Complete from when I had it set up 5 years ago, added 2 bags of Seachem Onyx sand (then proceeded to remove it all and thoroughly wash all the gravel since the sand was very chalky and no amount of vacuuming would fix it. After everything was clean, threw the gravel back in the tank, added 2 bags of fresh Eco-Complete and mixed them together. Added water, added some plants and threw on the Aquaclear 70 HOB, along with 2 sponge filters so they can be cycled. Plants include: 1 microsword, 1 dwarf chain sword, 1 cryptocoryne lucens, 4 cryptocoryne parva, 2 vallisneria, 1 amazon sword, a baseball sized clump of guppy grass, 1 narrow java fern badly glued to a coconut shell, some amazon frogbit and a tiny amount of duckweed I got by mistake. Only resident is a tiny bladder snail that doesn't care about the 2ppm Ammonia and Fritzzyme cycling process going on for the last 5 days. I want to do some better aquascaping, making a raised tier in the back but I'm still working on that. Any suggestions for how to do that, please let me know.
  9. (I was busy getting my second Covid shot yesterday, sorry for the late response) I had it hanging from the tank light, plugged into a nearby power outlet, specifically the cord was plugged into the red usb when it died/would not come back on. I tried it again to take the picture and plugged it into the blue usb, and it started working when plugged in. I don't know why it wouldn't work though for a time period, since I don't remember doing anything to make it start or stop again.
  10. This confirms my own suspicions about different faucets having different water hardness. My water out of my bathroom tap reads 12* GH, but out of the old laundry faucet it's like 3* GH. Any plumpers here to give a scientific explanation, or back to Google?
  11. So, I was using one of Cory's USB Nano air pumps overnight, plugged into the power outlet via the USB charger it came with to work on a large spongefilter, where the output seems lower than the Tetra Whisper 10. I came back the next morning and the pump was off and it would not turn back on. I tried charging it on another USB powerstip, but it won't do anything still. Am I doing something wrong or is mine defective?
  12. So I live in an area where we get some power outages due to PG&E Power cutoffs for fire prevention (gotta love those California wildfires and windstorms) As my house hasn't gotten a backup generator for the electrical system yet, does anyone know if any air pumps are made to run off of AC initially, charge it's own battery, and then can run on battery backup while the power is out? It seems every single one I've seen listed will only turn on once the power is out, and I'd rather not have to run around switching air hoses if there's no power for only an hour, or worse, when I'm not home. I'm debating on using the USB powered ones, plugging them into a power-bank, while having the power-bank plugged into a USB charger at the same time, I just assume it will kill the power-banks over time. I would assume this would work since I figure I would run my laptops with the cord plugged in constantly, only unplugging when I needed to move them into the other room. More importantly, why haven't (more) companies made a dual-powered one such as what I've described, as I'm sure many people would want one just in case.
  13. Yea, I come near his tank and he gets the fishy zoomies wanting to be fed, making it hard to get a good pic of him. My 55 isn't quite set up yet due to needing to move things around (the stand is going where a full shelving unit currently sits), I'm really just planning what is going where in the tank. I'm thinking both albino cories and pygmy cories. Considering when I had my albinos breed, about 20 fry got sucked into the 406 filter, where they lived for a month before I cleaned it. I also love guppies and the variation of colors they come in, I just know if you arn't careful you go from 5 to 50 in a short time frame. We're starting into summer and with that, my mom will start using the AC more, as in the winter it's usually about 66F but can swing either way by about 5 in the house, while in the summer it is set to 70 but swings 5 again either way, depending on how warm my family feels. The tank will be in a hallway that used to be a laundry room (the machines moved to a new room but the water is still set up, making water changes a breeze) that doesn't have any air outlets of its own, so it doesn't have much in the way of changing temperatures, except from the connecting bathroom. I have a big ol bottle of Fritzzyme 7 for water cycling, and using the changed water from my betta tank will help with the cycling process. Anyway,, thank you everyone 😄
  14. Hello there, I'm Stephanie, usually hanging around the internet as NetBelle, Anie or both. I had some tanks for 10 years, then moved 200 miles away 3 years ago, having to break down my tanks and store them since, with only a 5.5g full of the surviving few plants I wanted to keep. A month ago I saw this cute little platinum halfmoon male having around Petsmart and thought, you know what, let's start again, scrubbed down my 5.5g and set up things again. He's tentatively named Opal, but any suggestions, feel free to let me know. His tankmates are a small mystery snail and 3 ramshorns, who are currently eating the 3 dead plant bulbs I keep hoping will grow. When looking into info on getting back into the hobby, I stumbled upon Aquarium Co-Op's channel and started watching, remembering breeding guppies and corys, so I'm setting up my 55g again, probably setting up my 10g and 20g as well. Unfortunately, I realize now that about half my supplies are missing in storage, and with things still packed in that I need to buy some new equipment. Anyone have any suggestions for heating a 55g? I know I had a 150w Aqueon Pro on it before, but it's MIA and was thinking of doing 2 100w heaters instead. My current supplies include a Fluval 406 for bio/mech filtration and a Aquaclear 70 for bio/chem(if needed) with prefilters on both, about 15lbs of old Eco-complete + black sand and 30 of new Fluorite Onyx Sand, 15 lbs of new Eco-complete, the two sword plants that have lived the last few years in an unfiltered tank, java moss from the same, plus bought some guppy grass, frogbit, an Amazon sword, and some plants from Aquarium co-op which came with duckweed. The plants are all in a bucket with a light and sponge filter until the stand gets moved to it's new location and the tank put on top. They're going through a mini quarantine because I prefer ramshorn to other snails, so I want to see if anything had other snails on it first. I plan on stocking corys and probably a bristlenose pleco, then having some tetras and probably guppies, I'm not sure which fish should go in first when I start adding after the setup is complete. I'm partial to anything albino or nano sized. Anyway, let me know if you got any suggestions or links to read/watch. Thank you 😄
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