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New Pleco!!

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We moved cross country and finally got a new tank setup. It's been fully cycled. I started off with three Glofish, three bubble bee platty's, and the cutest Bristlenose Pleco, that is about 1.5" long. I love it. Just wanted to share pictures.   




Forgot to mention, he goes into the tube of the filter, which worried me, but he got back out.


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Lemon Blue eye - i have a lot of those - though most of them look like this:





I suspect your is a female but only time will tell fer sure. As for size - well most of mine stay around 3/4 inch but i had one giant male that grew a bit over 6 inches - not just length but he was very bulky monster. Also was much darker purer yellow; the smaller ones seem to be a bit more pale. Oh well he was too large for this tank so i gave him to the lfs. Just out of tank space.

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