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Hi, we're here because of the M&M guy!


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Hello! My husband and I are new-ish to the fish keeping hobby, and we've been researching the issues we've encountered, and this is how we discovered Aquarium Co-op on Youtube. My husband is terrible at remembering names, but he will never forget a video Cory has about the nitrogen cycle with M&Ms candy representing the different things, and so Cory earned the nickname, "The M&M guy" from him.

With that said, we do have issues we're trying to get some insight on, so I hope everyone here will be patient with our questions and not feel like we're challenging the answers given, but instead asking for a better understanding because one of us needs to hear it in several different ways (or with M&Ms) before it "clicks." Thanks for reading!

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I love Cory's videos - I have a happy little school of chili rasboras in my nano tank because of one of his suggestions - and his plant fertilizer on order because I know (thank you meme thread) that it is safe for my shrimp and snails 🙂

That M&M video was one of the best ways of explaining the concept I've ever seen and it has stuck with me too. I see M&Ms every time I get out the water change bucket! 

I've yet to meet anyone in this hobby that isn't friendly and helpful - it's a wonderfully rewarding and complex hobby that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. I started with big(ish) tanks and adorable big oscars, now playing with nano tanks, snails, shrimp and bettas. One betta just moved into a new tank this evening and is already making a bubble nest! You have so much to look forward to....

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