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Betta sorority odd behavior?


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I've kept individual Bettas before but I'm two weeks into my first betta sorority, 30 gallon tank.

I am battling an outbreak of ich with slowly increasing water temperatures (currently 85f), slowly increasing salt (currently 1 tbs/ 2 gallon), and super ick cure. Ph is about 7 and ammonia nitrate nitrite and all very low. 

I've noticed the Bettas like to hangout by my filter surface skimmer (tidal 55) and look stuck but they swim away easily when offered food. In the picture below I watched the white fish swim up and push the others to make room. I'm wondering if this is normal behavior or something to be conserned about? None of my other Bettas in small (5gallon) individual tanks have ever done this. 


Thanks for any input. 


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