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Found 4 results

  1. Have you captured a behavior or weird aquarium thing you never expected to in your tank(s)? This is not the greatest quality (from last year) but is probably the first GIF of Pao cf palustris captive spawning. Male Is darker color female lighter green spawning coloration. I didnt even know they changed colors until they started spawning. They look and actually act like completely different fish in this coloration. They can't be the only ( though i am clearly biased) amazing camera captures out there. Who else has something That male in non breeding colors That female in non breeding colors
  2. After cycling my tank for two weeks, and the cycle becoming stable, I purchased a male dwarf gourami yesterday, he was lively and healthy in the store, he acclimated well and was lively last night. This morning, and all day he's been quite lethargic, with clamped fins, and spending all his time in one side fo the tank near the surface. I not sure whats going on. I gave him a pinch of new life spectrum probiotic food tonight, and he ate a few gulps, but was otherwise diinterested unless it was right in front of him. To add to this, there are ghost shrimp and a few snails in his tank that are doing perfectly fine. along with a random molly fry that got into the bag with the gourami. He is the only one having issues in the tank. PH - 7.2 Nitrates - 5ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Ammonia - 0ppm Water Temperature - 75F Filtration - nicrew internal 5-10 gall filter, with coarse sponge, filter floss and marine pure gems biomedia. 50GPH I have also included a video so you can see just how bad his inactivity is.
  3. So, I have noticed an odd behavior in one of my danios, and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this before, or has any insight on this. Backstory: Tank is a 55Gallon approximately, and currently houses 8 zebra danios, 11 cardinal tetras, 2 young (pre-breedable/sexable) bristlenose plecos, 2 nerite snails, and a few snails that probably snuck in on some Co Op plants. Ammonia/Nitrite both have been consistantly 0, nitrates were between 10-20ppm, and have been declining since ich, and feeding has been reduced. Tank has been treated for visible ich for the last 5 days, (caught very early, 3-4 visible spots on a few fish, mostly the cardinals but there were a few on danios, I have no way of knowing if the danio in question was affected.) and today will be the last day, as I've seen no visible signs, unless I see something tomorrow morning. Danios seem to stress a little when I added the meds, as they went from basically being all over the place, to all of them at once the first time I added it, second day about half of them schooled, the rest were completely oblivious, and remaining days, they might have schooled for a short period, then went back about their lives. From what I can tell, danio X is a male, please correct me if you know me to be wrong. The Spawn-Camping: So the best I can describe the behavior is that he is camping in this one spot, and chasing (almost) all of the other danios away. There was one time I noticed an exception where he and an apparent female, seemed less like they were chasing, and more like what I witnessed in an example egg-scatterer breeding behavior video, where they were moving in more of a dance, circling each other and even touching a few times, though they were away from his "camp," but not super far. it seems like he may have been either eating something coming up from the rocks, or attempting to, maybe...? (i've been staring at him quite awhile today, I might be making things up in my head.) From the research I have done, I didn't find anything substantial about danios being territorial, nor any kind of egg-guarding behavior, in fact I presume they will eat their eggs, due to their general derpiness. I have no reason to believe he is ill, or that something is wrong, when I shined a flashlight in to see if I noticed anything in the cracks, he fled pretty quick, and has been very energetic in chasing the trespassers away. Any insight or theories, or potential experiments to find out more would be greatly appreciated. I am really enjoying danios, and their general crazy derpieness, they may get their own tank when I get my angelfish, as I suspect they will annoy the hell out of my angels! My theories are: Guarding terretory Guarding eggs Guarding something delicious that is HIS! Just being VERY committed to being a derpy danio I shot 2 videos of the behavior, a 5 minute real-time video, as well as a time-lapse over 2-3hours while I was doing other stuff. Real-time: Time-lapse:
  4. I've kept individual Bettas before but I'm two weeks into my first betta sorority, 30 gallon tank. I am battling an outbreak of ich with slowly increasing water temperatures (currently 85f), slowly increasing salt (currently 1 tbs/ 2 gallon), and super ick cure. Ph is about 7 and ammonia nitrate nitrite and all very low. I've noticed the Bettas like to hangout by my filter surface skimmer (tidal 55) and look stuck but they swim away easily when offered food. In the picture below I watched the white fish swim up and push the others to make room. I'm wondering if this is normal behavior or something to be conserned about? None of my other Bettas in small (5gallon) individual tanks have ever done this. Thanks for any input.
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