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6 gallon water box stocking options

Stephen Zawacki

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Hey y’all so I’m in college in an apartment the max was 6 gallons and I have a water box rimless. It has a twin star series s light and a fluval aqua clear filter.  Currently I have a juvenile black orchid betta in the tank that is it, and it is heavily planted.  My question and let me repeat this I’m fine with a species only betta tank.  But my question is there something I can put with my betta that won’t overstock the tank and can grow to max size in the tank and also clean up the excess food that he does not eat.



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That's hard to say, and that's not a case of the tank size, but more so the Betta temperament. Your best option would be to put some Neocardinia sp. (like Cherry Shrimp) in the tank with the Betta, but the issue is that your Betta may or may not see them as food. In a lot of cases, the shrimp will be fine as adults once the Betta gets used to seeing them, but babies in general will end up being live snacks.  I've run into some Bettas that are chill, and others that are down right mean, and it's nothing to do with the variant it's just the personality. It's just a coin toss.

The other option, which is a safer option, are snails which do wonders for cleaning up extra food. That said though, you might just be better off cutting down portions of food at feeding time and feeding multiple times a day.

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