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Growing up my family always had fish tanks. Now I can’t live without one. I have a Cobalt 8 gallon tank, with mostly cherry shrimp. And I just setup a pond on our balcony, 35 gallons with goldfish. I also have a jungle bubble fish bowl almost 10 gallons, but nothing in it right now. 

My favorite nano fish would have to be a tie between Celestial Pearl Danio and the Scarlet Badis.  And big fish the Blood Parrot.


Tiffany 🙂





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On 8/9/2021 at 7:11 PM, CalmedByFish said:

I very much relate to feeling like you can't live without fish. The only thing I have that helps me more is a prescription. 🙄

That outdoor pond is adorable!

Thanks. I’m happy how the pond turned out. Wish I could have more tanks, but need a house and more energy. I also have lots of prescriptions. 

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