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  1. I went to Ikea recently and got some stuff. Hung the light and hanging plants. Now I just need to find the two plants I want. Spider plant and String of Turtles. I think those two plants are not toxic to cats or birds. The cats love to sit in the chairs and watch the Rope fish. I did use ankers for the hanging stuff. I also added the spider wood and rescaped the tank. I love how it looks now. Ignore the cloudy water it will clear up. I had to move the tank to hang the stuff.
  2. I started digital planning again with Goodnotes. So I Started a fish notebook with dosing instructions, fish and plant info. Purchase dates, etc. Thought this would be a good idea to share if anyone uses Goodnotes. I even made digital stickers of the dosing bottles so I can put them on the weekly pages. Also a pages of the dosing directions, other info and my schedule. It’s easy to remove the background on almost any image in file on the iPad. Press and hold on an image in files, quick actions, remove background. Easy planner sticker, of fish, plants, or fert bottle. 🙂 Hope it inspires someone else to start a digital Fish notebook. Also that’s my killifish sticker. I have a terrible memory so this helps.
  3. I got my CPDs at a Petco. I knew these guys where hard to feed with fish food. But I found this on Amazon and they eat it and don’t always spit it back out. I even saw two spawning.
  4. So I made a little plate form for the FluvalSmart Nano light. I did not like it just sitting on the glass. With the Cobalt tank you can’t use the original glass mount. Which I lost at this point anyway. Oops. I like how it turned out. Kind takes away that glare when you look at the tank from an angle. I was searching the internet for a solution. Did not find one. I know other people with tanks like this one have the same issue. I really like how it turned out. Wanted to share. I’m also about to redo this tank. Trying to get rid of the glass algae. 🙂
  5. Thanks. I’m happy how the pond turned out. Wish I could have more tanks, but need a house and more energy. I also have lots of prescriptions.
  6. Growing up my family always had fish tanks. Now I can’t live without one. I have a Cobalt 8 gallon tank, with mostly cherry shrimp. And I just setup a pond on our balcony, 35 gallons with goldfish. I also have a jungle bubble fish bowl almost 10 gallons, but nothing in it right now. My favorite nano fish would have to be a tie between Celestial Pearl Danio and the Scarlet Badis. And big fish the Blood Parrot. Tiffany 🙂
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