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Goodnotes fish notebook


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I started digital planning again with Goodnotes. So I Started a fish notebook with dosing instructions, fish and plant info. Purchase dates, etc. Thought this would be a good idea to share if anyone uses Goodnotes. I even made digital stickers of the dosing bottles so I can put them on the weekly pages. Also a pages of the dosing directions, other info and my schedule. It’s easy to remove the background on almost any image in file on the iPad. Press and hold on an image in files, quick actions, remove background. Easy planner sticker, of fish, plants, or fert bottle. 🙂 

Hope it inspires someone else to start a digital Fish notebook. Also that’s my killifish sticker.
I have a terrible memory so this helps. 

Killie2 Background Removed.png


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These are awesome things to have, but I have a cautionary tale- make sure you have it backed up somewhere. I had one on my phone and that phone broke. I got a new phone and downloaded the app.....but all my info was somehow lost. It was great too, graphs, history, notes, fish treatment, when I got fish, how long tanks were running. All gone now. I haven't even had the heart to start anything like it again- even on paper. 

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