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Super aggressive Convict

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Guys has anyone experienced this?

I added a female convict about 2inch to my tank which holds 2x firemouth and 1x Salvini all living peacefully with 5x large corydoras.

The convict has attacked all the Cory's targeting the barbs and eyes!!

I've never seen this in all my years in the hobby. Have I just  acquired a demon fish, I know this can happen on a rare occasion.

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Convict cichlids are extremely territorial and aggressive as @Guppysnail stated. I think the reverse is true for me when I had a convict. Originally brought home a hand full of baby convicts to my sunfish. Only one survived, a male no less, and he was a puppy dog. Best friends with my gold fish and always thought he was a gold gourami. Never attacked anyone, if anything he was chased off the food by the gouramis. 


I had a tank of rejects, thus the eclectic nature of that story. I digress, for the most part I would not recommend convicts to any community tank unless you have other larger cichlids that will keep them in check. I have heard stories of them bullying timid oscar fish out of their tanks too. 

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Females can be absolute terrors, especially if they’re breeding. I pretty much never recommend keeping convicts, and never plan on keeping them myself. one of my friends had a pair in a tank with a flowerhorn and some jewels and he had to get rid of them because they were beating the crud out of the flowerhorn and had shredded all its fins. The flowerhorn for reference was about 5x the size of the convicts.

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