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  1. Hello everyone, I have an aggressive female Reticulated Hillstream Loach in a 20 gallon high with 2 Platies, 5 Albino Cory’s and 1 Bolivian Ram. I’ve had him for about 2 weeks. The first week he would constantly hide and keep to himself. Then I got a second female Hillstream Loach and the shyness went away. My concern is that at feeding time and only at feeding time he gets overly aggressive towards all the fish (and not just the other Hillstream Loach), especially the Albino Cory’s (but so far he leaves the Bolivian Ram alone). I put in extra sinking food, Repashy and Hikari sinking wafers, but he just swims around the bottom and barrels over the Cory’s and any fish that gets in his way. So far I’ve not noticed any injuries on any of the fish. I’ve read that people have had aggressive Hillstream Loaches before and it usually calms down. Should I wait or return him to my LFS??
  2. Guys has anyone experienced this? I added a female convict about 2inch to my tank which holds 2x firemouth and 1x Salvini all living peacefully with 5x large corydoras. The convict has attacked all the Cory's targeting the barbs and eyes!! I've never seen this in all my years in the hobby. Have I just acquired a demon fish, I know this can happen on a rare occasion.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if it's possible to ease some of the fighting between my two female gold dust lyretails. One is larger and constantly picking on the smaller one. They're the only fish in the 10 gallon planted tank. The tank was intended for a single betta who fell ill during cycling (he's ok now and back in his 3 gallon). The cycling process stalled after I took the betta out and it was recommended to me that mollies would help restart cycling, which they did nicely and without getting sick. Anyway, as I'm still working remotely and have the tank on my desk, the fighting is driving me nuts. I miss the calm of a betta cruising around just admiring himself and begging for food 😊. But the mollies are very pretty and active and I was thinking of adding 1 or 2 additional female mollies. Would this just give more "victims" for the larger one to pick on? Do they every stop chasing each other in larger groups? I'm guessing the smaller tank is probably not helping the territoriality and adding more fish could strain the bio load (though I do regular testing and water changes). I could try to return them to my lfs, but would feel guilty. So either 1) moving the tank out of the room so I don't have to witness the constant harassment, 2) splitting them up by moving the smaller one to another existing 10 gal with a betta, or 3), a few more molly peacekeepers. Thoughts? I should also mention that the smaller molly getting harassed isn't getting fin nipped or damaged, just chased into the plants where she hides for a few seconds and then comes right back out to nibble on stuff, gets chased back into the plants, repeat. The larger female is especially bad during feeding time.
  4. Two of my female swordtails are ganging up on the third. There has been no serious damage so far, but I have had to start feeding her separately because they are chasing her away from the food. They are all in a heavily planted 45g cube with 1 male swordtail and about two dozen Amano Shrimp. I was thinking of doing zebra or giant danios, but I was wondering if anyone else had better ideas. I would prefer something that would leave my shrimp alone, but I'm open to any suggestions.
  5. Hello all, I have a bristlenose pleco that is being a bit of a problem child. He (he is starting to grow his bristles) is getting aggressive with my bronze corydoras. He usually chases them when I feed the tank, but as soon as he starts eating he stops caring so much that they can even eat the algae wafer that's in his mouth. He also puffs his spikes out and chases them when I put in some zucchini for him, which the corys show zero interest in. I've been noticing a few split fins in my corys, and I have had one in a hospital tank recovering from an eye injury/infection and fin rot which I now think I can blame on the pleco. Has anyone else experienced such aggression from a BN, and do you guys think I might just be a puberty thing (like I said, he's just started growing in his bristles) and he'll settle down soon?
  6. I have a 65 gallon tall. Water parameters good blah blah. 2 angel fish a few cardinal tetras and a few guppies. A work in progress... I rotate feedings between Live mosquito larvae, extreme flakes fluvel bug bites flakes and bug bites granules. Everything is fine usually. But when I feed the bug bites granules one of the angels gets aggressive to everyone in the tank. When I feed any of the other foods there is no chasing at all! Anyone else see this behavior?
  7. I've kept many species and seen aggression from almost everything, many non-pike cichlids, two types of dwarf pike cichlids, variatus platys, plecos, wild bettas, etc s ome of which have ended in major injury. Plecos in particular are pretty vicious fighting over caves in my experience. That leads me to think freshwater puffers might be getting get a bad reputation. I work with the hairy puffer pao baileyi (now paired up) who never had a fight since arrival in 2018, and seperately have the mekong river puffer pao palustris in a colony that has now been in the fishroom for a month or two. Are Pao puffers really total murder machines who need solitary confinement in all instances or are they the victims of a reputation that might be amplified by how the exist in the hobby? A few of my 6 pao palustris colony definately chase each other from time to time and give some quick though intense "mouth hugs". I would bet those are probably territorial arguments. They end fairly quickly once line of sight is lost and everyone moves back to the cave or plant roots they call home. My current belief is they arent trying to fight to the death since they are all doing well eating, exploring, general puffering, and there has been only superficial scrapes thusfar. Those arguments have become less frequent as they have settled into defined territories. The attached short video clip is from earlier and is the palustris colony's typical feeding response to frozen krill. They even feed with a bit of a pecking order and exhibit some personal preference for certain foods. I have also observed both of those behaviors in my hairy puffers. Is the reputation of the ambush puffers based on research, a built in margin of safety due to their cost and how they are sold to hobbyists, aquarium legend, something else ? Am I just lucky with the 9 individuals over 2 Pao species I've kept so far? What say you nerms?
  8. Hi guys, I'm so sad. I have a male and female pair of honey gouramis. The male has always chased the female around but he's never hurt her before and he'd usually stop once she got over to "her side of the tank". I was having to feed them on opposite sides of the tank though because they can get territorial over food and the male started to "patrol" the place where I was feeding them before. However, most the time they co-existed together peacefully and they were doing spawning behaviour almost every day. I don't think they ever actually spawned though since they're still growing up. I went to my cottage this past weekend from Thursday night - Sunday night and had my sister come feed the fish on Saturday afternoon. When I got home, right away I noticed that everyone in the tank was very pail, even the male gourami, and the female gourami had injuries. I tried to include the best pictures I could take to show you the injuries. They don't appear to be life threatening, but a second opinion would be good cause I'm inexperienced. She has what looks like bruising or missing scales around her eye and missing scales on her back. Now that I've fed them 3 times since getting back, everyone is back to their normal colours. The female seems ok, but she's been hiding a lot. Because the male was never violent before, could it just be that maybe the stress of going hungry might have caused him to be more aggressive? I checked carefully and he doesn't have a bubble nest that I can see. Should I wait and see if things calm down or should I remove the female as soon as possible? I can move her to a 10 gal tank that just contains apple snails and plecos right now, but I'd rather do that only as a last resort because the gouramis bite the apple snail's antenna and the tank has higher current than is ideal for gouramis. Thanks for you input!
  9. We have 2 zebra angels that were about 2 inches tip to tip when we purchased them in February. They are now palm sized. We recently moved them from a 55 gallon to a 75 gallon tank. Today we noticed light amber colored eggs on our Amazon sword (first time they’ve laid). They have been territorial of that Amazon sword for the last week. However we also noticed damage to our Angels sides and have witnessed some very aggressive attacking between the two. They both are still staying together near the eggs, but every once in while they start posturing, fanning out fins and moving toward the other one. Then at one point they went after each other seeming to almost lock mouths. Is this normal mating behavior or do we have a different problem? I didn’t think they were old enough to lay eggs yet as they haven’t been developed enough to easily sex them, so we’re a little in prepared to deal with this. 75 gallon planted aquarium: 2 zebra angels, 8 praecox rainbows, 5 green moss barbs, 8 Venezuelan corycats, 5 nertie snails, 1 magenta mystery snail, and more rams horn snails than I care to admit. thank you for your thoughts and advise.
  10. I have a 29 gal established tank. I’ve got 5 rummy nose and they’ve begun nipping a med sized Angel. It’s a planted tank with plenty of hides. Do I need a larger group of rummys to stop aggression.
  11. First post! Should I be concerned with a little rough-housing between a Bristlenose and a Senegal Bichir during feeding? There haven't been any injuries but they do push each other around trying to go after the same piece of food. Is that something I need to address or is it normal in fish that size?
  12. Hi there. This morning I woke up to find one of my male guppies to be completely without a tail. Last night when I went to bed he was completely untouched. I have him in a tank with other males and a betta that's been completely placid. I've never seen any aggression until now. The damage done to his tail suggests the betta, but I've been watching and the betta shows zero interest. The other large male, however, has begun to chase him over night. Could the other guppy be responsible for this? I am trying to figure out what to do, since I only have the one tank and can't just move them easily to a different one.
  13. Hello! I’m having a bit of a problem with my neon blue dwarf gourami. I have 3 males (LFS had no females) in a fairly heavily planted 36 gallon (most of the plants are still growing in). I was told by the employee at my LFS that the 3 should do well together, but it seems the bigger one is bullying the slightly smaller two. It’s not constant as they have lots of room to swim, but I’m not sure if I should just let it continue. I’ve only seen the bigger one be aggressive, so I’m wondering if it makes sense to return the aggressive one and keep the more passive two. Or will they start fighting amongst themselves once the dominant one is gone? Also, if I decide to keep just one, will it be able to thrive alone? I read that they like to be in groups, which is why I’m a bit confused about what to do.
  14. I recently acquired a second hand tank with two fishes: a Cichlid Oscar and a Pleco. The Oscar is aggressive and keeps doing all sorts of things that you expect a Cichlid to do. The thing is I'm unable to add any other fish to my tank because certainly the Oscar will kill or injure the new fish! I've tried to sell the fish and also to give it for free on Facebook but no one wants it! 😞 Any suggestion what can I do in this situation? I'm even thinking to go to a fish store and try to give the fish for free haha Sorry if this post is not allowed here. Please delete it..
  15. Anyone have any experience with Congo Tetras? They seem like a nice big and colorful fish. I’ve heard they are peaceful but I’ve also heard semi aggressive. I want to add 6 to my 40 breeder. Tank: 75-78 F Hard water (no definitive number but I live near LA so I know it’s hard) Filtration: Tidal 35 and double sponge filter Moderate-heavy planting level Stocking: 8 Glowlight Danios 3 Peacock Gudgeons 1 Honey Gourami 2 Red lizard tail catfish 7 Small Bronze cory doras Will adding these guys be an issue?
  16. Howdy, I have a 5.5 moderately planted tank with 8 neocardina shrimp, 6 exclamation point rasboras, 6 strawberry rasboras , and a variety of snails. The back and sides are planted, and the middle and front is fairly open. The tank is about two months old. I started off with just the shrimp and the exclamation points, but the fish seemed really shy and spent most of thier time huddled in the back of the tank. I thought maybe 6 was too few, so I wanted to get them some more friends to reduce their stress. When I went to the LFS, they didn't have any exclamation points in, but they had a bunch of very cute and very active strawberries. The shop employee said that the strawberries would shoal with the exclamation points, and they would get along just fine, so I brought them home and added them to the tank. In general, the strawberries have been much more active than the exclamation points, but I have seen them mixed together and swimming around. The last few days, I have seen a few of the bigger strawberries chasing and nipping some of the smaller exclamation points, and one was even nipping at some bladder snails. Is there anything I can do to ameliorate this? Everything I read talks about how strawberries are peaceful community fish, great with shrimp, not aggressive, etc. Do I just have a particularly rowdy group?
  17. Ok so I was looking closely at my fish today and noticed two are missing an eye. I got them all in January and never noticed it before but maybe they were like that because they were small. I don’t have aggressive fish that I’m aware of. Is there a disease that makes fish lose eyes? current stock is 6 fire green tetras ( 1 missing an eye) 20 cardinal tetras ( 1 missing and eye) 24 ember tetras 6 neon green rasboras 6 rummy nose rasboras 2 albino bristlenose plecos 6 emerald green Cory’s 1 Siamese algae eater bunch of snails (mystery,nerite,rams horn,mts)
  18. How was it best to deal with aggression in a African cichlid tank with peacocks and harps
  19. I have a 10g QT tank with mollies, platies, variatus and one dwarf gourami. I noticed after about a week of the gourami being in there that a few of the other fish where picking at his head on both sides and then he developed white patches that looked basically like sores starting to develop but was red like an open sore. I placed the gourami in a breeder box to isolate him from the nipping and stress. He is now healed up. Do you think this could be because of only being in a 10g tank with not much cover and this will subside after they all get moved to the 125g with a decent amount of cover/plants?
  20. Hello, I really need some experienced advice on what to do here. My female betta was attacked by a puffer fish, making a nearly perfect cut through her lips. The lips of the betta are detached and will 100% not heal/ regrow. I have had this fish for a couple years and is a great breeder. Is it possible that she could survive without her lips or should I put her to rest. Right now, she is on her side (she didn't much as she is kind of old) and breathing heavy. I need an answer asap as I don't want to put her down so quickly/ have her suffer unless there is a chance. Also, I do not own clove oil, method to euthanize will be a quick dump into boiling water. PLEASE HELP
  21. I have 3 angelfish in a 40 gallon. The pecking order goes largest to smallest. The smallest is bullied lots, and its fins are very jegged due to nipping. The smallest one is usually up in the corner and isn't so much swimming around, so now I'm worried. What would fix this? Getting a new angel to mess up the pecking order? Add some dither fish? (I already have 6 cardinal tetras and 6 zebra danios) Get some more plants to add some cover? Get rid of one (only if I have to, I really, really don't want to)
  22. So I have a breeding pair of angels but I did not realize they were a breeding pair until just 2 hours ago when the female started laying eggs and the male was fertilizing them. They were in a 55g community tank and I let them finish their process before moving them and the eggs to a 29g (Didn't want them murdering all my other fish) Well, shortly after moving them, the male decided he didn't like the female anymore and started viciously attacking her. I have since removed her but I'm wondering why this happened? Was it from me moving them? I really had no choice there but it would be good to know Does this mean she can never be a part of the fry rearing? Thanks! Here's some videos before the aggression https://youtu.be/unmyDVzXUSk https://youtu.be/pV5wRJ3wT7w
  23. I've got a betta paired with a group of platies in a 20 gallon long. He seemed very chilled out and got along well. Except for with the only male platy. The platy chases and tries to nip at the betta, which is not at all the issue I was expecting. The betta has no issues with fancy guppies, guppy fry, cory cats, or snails. Should I remove the platies and try a different species of fish? I don't understand the reaction to the betta at all
  24. I added a guppy(orange) and the yellow one was very interested in the new guppy. when I released it there was one or two nips then just a lot of posturing and headbutting but not biting so I turned the lights off and put a towel over the tank until morning to let them cool off. Its been just under a day now and things seem better but they still seem standoffish. Is this okay behavior or should I try and mitigate it? I was thinking of putting the yellow fish in time-out for a day or two to reset its territorial claims, which i read can fix the problem, but isn't sure fire. I don't have another tank so I was just going to float him in a basket with opaque walls.
  25. Do you know Murphy’s law "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong" ? Well, it loves me, and especially with aquariums! Don’t beleive me? I had such an agressive White Cloud Mountain Minmows, he injured my 7 other males... So of course even if everywhere it is said how it’s perfectly fine to have an all males guppy tank... well mine became extremely agressive. I rehomed the first one, but then a second one became agressive. They only bully one particular guppy - it got so stressed I moved it in another tank with the other peaceful guppy. The aggressive one is still swimming around the tank always following the same pattern rather erratically. Question - what can I do to calm down my current agressive guppy? I only have 3 left in my 10 gallons, planted with hides. I will get about 4 more males today, hoping it dilutes the agression. Or I could get females but wouldn’t it be a bit overcrowded? Plus I read breeding can be a bit violent at times. And the female guppies... are they bond to be pregnant every months until the end of their life? Must you retire them at some point? Or do they become infertile?
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