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Are these African Dwarf Frog Eggs?

Kimberly P

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Can anyone help me identify these eggs?  They have been there about a week.  I thought they were African Dwarf Frog eggs, but I goggled pictures and it doesn't look the same as what I found.  I also found info that said they'd hatch within 24-48 hours.  But I don't think there is any other thing in there that would lay eggs.  These are the tank inhabitants:

1 Male Betta

3 African Dwarf Frogs

2 Mystery Snails (I know what those eggs look like)

1 Nerite Snail

3 Kuhli Loaches

A couple pond snails.

Aquarium eggs.jpg

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If it helps for the future, ADF normally scatter individually or in very small clusters.  Often scattering on the ground and occassionally on walls/rocks.  Personally, I find they are more brone to lay in grass like plants like dwarf sagiterria and in mosses.  And yup they typically hatch within the first 48 hours.  

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